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Shadow Foam Inserts for Makita

The popularity of Makita’s Makpac connector cases continues to grow. The practical functionality of being able to stack cases to suit, connecting with the secure lockable latches is enhanced by their strong, collapsible handles for ease of transporting your tools around site. Take that portability to the next level and maximise the efficiency of your storage by using Makita organiser inserts from Shadow Foam to organise and protect your gear on the move.

If you’re looking to organise your Makita toolbox, Shadow Foam makes it simple.

Want to know how to prevent losing tools?

Imagine immediately spotting when something is missing, or knowing with absolute certainty that all your tools are returned after use. Our Makita inserts bring you all that, and more!

What does every tool box need?

Shadow Foam! It's an award-winning foam insert that makes your tool organisation simple, helping you get the most from your tool storage.

How do you pack and store tools?

Simply plan the layout of your tools in your case, then use our recommended methods to cut and peel the foam and create your own custom Makita organiser for your tools.

Getting the most from your Makita Makpac organiser?

Use your foam insert to optimise the space available to you. You'll be amazed how much you can fit in an organised way using our foam organisers in your Makita storage.

Is this the ultimate in Makita accessories?

Shadow Foam's Makita foam insert is versatile and durable, and pre-shaped to simply slot into your container. Easy to use, and hard-wearing, you'll find the vibrant colours stay looking good with their UV stabilisers and easy clean finish.
Shadow Foam offers you infite possibilities to make your Makita tool storage as unique as you. With a choice of 10 vibrant colours which you can use either coloured face up or down, you will be the envy of anyone with your efficient, organised and professional looking tool case. Take a look what others say about them.

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Makita MakPac Clear Lid Organiser
Makita MakPac P-84349 

5 Drawer Case

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6 Drawer Case

The Cut and Peel Foam Solution

There's nothing worse than investing in new Makita tool storage to find that it’s not quite what you need. These Shadow Foam Makita organisers are simple to use and make a great addition to your tool storage. All you do is cut and peel the foam.  That's it. Just look at all the benefits you're going to see:

Keeping Your Tools Protected

Quality tools from brands like Makita can be expensive to repair or replace, therefore keeping them protected should be your first priority. This is exactly what our inserts are best at.

The foam organiser is designed and cut by you. Once done, you’ve created a durable and protective home for all your tools. That means any tool at all, be it small hand tools or even really large power tools.

Organise Your Tools Just How You Need

Because you are creating your own custom tool organiser, the layout can be done to ideally suit your needs.

Many off-the-shelf dividers, compartments or ready made inserts come with the tools laid out to suit the manufacturer. This defines where you can fit your tools, rather than being suited to your needs. Life becomes simpler and your tools more accessible when it’s customised to your own unique needs.

Our Shadow Foam inserts are just cut and peeled, meaning you'e in full control over the layout and accessibility of your tools. Meaning you can work more efficiently, and achieve faster results whenever you work with your tools.

Easy to Keep Clean

The material used in the manufacture of Shadow Foam is carefully chosen as it's super easy to clean. Any dirt, dust or debris can be easily wiped off, making the cleaning of your toolbox simple. 

water   Water and common chemical resistant
cleaning_services   Easy to clean, simply wipe off any mess
wb_sunny   UV resistance keeps the colours vivid
bolt   Anti-static/ESD characteristics
delete_outline   100% Recyclable PE Foam (where available)
all_inclusive   HCFC free and odourless
Resistant to UV, Water & Many Common Chemicals

Another inherent quality of the Polyethylene used in the manufacture of Shadow Foam is that it's resistant to most common chemicals, UV, and water. What this means for you is that you can work in most conditions without worrying that your Shadow Foam insert might lose its shape, strength, or visual appeal.

HCFC Free, therefore no harmful odours

Many toolbox organisers for Makita cases can be made from materials which are not HCFC free. That can mean they're considered more harmful to the environment, or to us if the odours they ommit are inhaled. Our inserts are odourless and HCFC-free, so much safer for indoor use.


Custom made Makita tool case inserts can be expensive. In some instances, you could be looking at hundreds of pounds-worth of investment just to keep your tools and equipment safe.

Shadow Foam, conversley, gives comparable results but far more affordably. As a result, thousands of people are now using Shadow Foam inserts as a cost-effective means of keeping tools safe & protected.

Suitable For Anyone With Makita Cases

Whether you're a builder with thousands of pounds worth of tools or a home DIY enthusiast, you will still benefit from investing in a Shadow Foam insert for your tool system.

Often, people can neglect their toolboxes, leaving them messy and frustratingly disorganised. This increases the risk of losing and damaging tools, but can also shorten the lifespan of your valued tools.

Just filter or search on this page to find the insert that works for your particular Makita toolbox. Thousands of others have done that already and are loving their Shadow Foamed cases. However, if you're not ready to make that commitment just yet, that's OK too. You could start with a Shadow Foam sample and try it for yourself before you decide. 


The inserts are sized to fit the shape/footprint of your Makita case/drawer

In the product description for each item, we detail all the case variants that each insert will fit, so you can check it's right for your particular case

This is totally up to you and depends what you want to store in your Makita case and how deep the container is. You even have the option to build up multiple layers of inserts if you've a lot of tools to store. For smaller items like hand tools you can consider a 30mm deep foam which allows you to cut to a depth of around 20mm. Bigger items like power tools might benefit from a 50mm insert, giving you 40mm workable depth.

We've more stock arriving all the time. So if the Makita insert you're presently looking for appears to be out of stock, it’s worth checking at a later date. If you do need something more quickly, and if another colour or variant doesn't work for you, you could consider making your own insert – we created this guide to help.

Not usually, unless specidied in the product description. The depth of foam will be what you select, and the colour of the inserts in the pack would be the same.

Of course! You can order a sample of Shadow Foam here.

We're adding to our range of ready made inserts all the time. Because there are so many models of toolboxes out there, we aren’t always able to make inserts for every single one. In those instances, we have standard sheets and packs which you can cut down yourself to create your own truly custom inserts for your Makita storage case.  Check out  this video tutorial

Absolutely you can Shadow Foam is reversible so you can either use with the black side or the coloured side facing up, it’s your choice! 

Please check out our full FAQs section on our main website.

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