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Shadow Foam Inserts

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Shadow Foam Inserts for your toolboxes...

Shadow Foam Inserts are made from our most popular and incredibly easy to use product. They are a truly one-of-a-kind product: super easy to use, even for those that are new to organising their toolboxes. Novices and experienced foam cutters will have no problems using our inserts. No messing around cutting the toolbox profile!

One thing that all our customers can enjoy is the variety of colours our Shadow Foam inserts come in. Each insert is available in black, blue, green, orange, red or yellow. This allows our customers to connect the colours up to their toolbox and make it far more impressive and satisfying when opening it up. The colour customisation allows anyone to have a far more pleasing and enjoyable experience when purchasing a branded toolbox and matching it up with a coloured foam.

Apart from the things mentioned above – Shadow Foam Inserts is always evolving and improving for all our products which is why we have released Branded Foam Inserts. This isn’t your typical slab of foam, this is foam designed for a specific tool box or tool box brand! – NO cutting out dimensions for your toolbox, no messing around, just the perfect fit into your branded toolbox.

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The inserts are designed and sized to fit the footprint of your case/drawer

In the product description for each item listed, we give a breakdown of all the case variants that each insert will fit. We show which inserts are compatible with which toolbox in the product cards above.

This is really up to you, and depends what you want to store in the case, and if you want to build up multiple layers of inserts. For example for smaller hand-tools you might want to go with a 30mm depth of foam which would let you cut down to a depth of around 20mm in which to store them. Power tools might be better with a 50mm insert, giving you 40mm workable depth in which to cut them into the foam.

We do have more stock arriving all the time, so if what you’re looking for shows out of stock, it’s worth checking again at a later date. If you need something more quickly and another colour or variant won’t work for you, perhaps consider making your own insert – we created this guide to help.

Unless specified in the product description, no. The depth of foam will be as you select at checkout and the colour of the inserts in the pack would be the same.

Yes absolutely. You can get a sample of Shadow Foam here.

Because there are so many models of toolboxes out there, we aren’t able to make inserts for all of them. Instead, we have standard sheets that you can cut down to create your own inserts. Just follow this video tutorial we’ve put on our YouTube channel.

Absolutely! Shadow Foam is reversible – either use the black side or the coloured side, it’s your choice! 

Please check out our full FAQs section on our main website.

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