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Stanley Tool Organiser

Having a messy and unorganised toolbox is far from the best way to work or store your expensive tools, items, and accessories. Not only is it time-consuming (and often frustrating) to find specific tools, but the chance of damaging your tools during transport or while at work also greatly increases.

Fortunately, you can put an end to it all today with our 100% polyethylene Stanley tool organisers. Thanks to the strong, flexible, and long-lasting nature of polyethylene, our Stanley tool organisers are guaranteed to protect your tools and equipment for years to come. What's more, is that they are extremely easy to use - simply cut & peel.

Browse through this page and order the insert that suits your particular Stanley toolbox. Or if you're still sitting on the fence, order a sample first so you can get a feel for what our product is all about.

Unique Cut and Peel Stanley Tool Organisers

Using our one-of-a-kind Stanley inserts allows you to enjoy a unique set of benefits. Some of them include:

Protect Your Tools and Equipment

The primary goal of our Stanley toolbox inserts is to protect your tools from getting damaged. And the truth is that they do a great job at doing that. The reason why our inserts are so good at keeping your tools protected is because they're made of 100% polyethylene, which is known for its shock-absorbing properties. That way, even if your tools suffer severe impact during transit or if the toolbox is dropped, your tools won't be affected in the slightest.

Easy to Maintain & Keep Clean

When your toolbox is messy and unorganised, keeping it clean is not only difficult but very time-consuming. And that's one of the reasons why most DIY-ers and contractors who own a Stanley toolbox neglect keeping their toolbox clean and presentable in the first place.

When you make use of our inserts, keeping your tools and case clean is super easy. All you need to do is take your tools out and simply wipe away any dust, debris, and even oil that has accumulated over time.

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You Get to Design How Your Tools Are Laid Out

Even if you opt for the expensive Stanley dividers, bins, and storage containers, you still won't have much freedom over how your toolbox is laid out. When you use our inserts, it's the exact opposite. The second you place your Shadow Foam insert into your Stanley toolbox, you will be the one who is in control over where each of your tools will be stored.

To do that, simply place the tool over the insert in your desired location, cut around it, and peel back. And just like that, you've taken the first step to organising your tools and laying them out just the way you want to.

Environmentally Friendly & Completely Odourless

Our Stanley tool organisers are made out of 100% polyethylene, which is free of any HCFCs. As a result, it's a fantastic environmentally-friendly alternative to organisers that release volatile organic compounds when they're made, used, and disposed of.

Another benefit of polyethylene is that it's completely odourless. That way, your inserts won't leave a nasty lingering smell that builds up inside your toolbox when it's not been used for a while.

Designed With Affordability in Mind

Quality Stanley bins and storage containers are expensive. When we founded Shadow Foam, aside from keeping your expensive tools and equipment protected, we also wanted to make sure that doing so was affordable and accessible for everyone.

That's why we decided to make our Stanley tool box organisers from polyethylene, which is not only flexible and extremely versatile, but also more affordable than some alternative materials. That's why our inserts start at just £19.99 inc VAT, while original Stanley organisers cost quite a bit more.

The Perfect Stanley Tool Organiser for Contractors & DIY-ers

Whether you're a contractor with thousands of pounds worth of Stanley tools and equipment or an amateur DIY-er, you can benefit from using our Stanley toolbox inserts. They are not only designed to keep your tools safe and protected but when your tools are organised, you'll also do a better and more efficient job when working on your own or customer projects.

Thousands of contractors from various fields and DIY-ers have already taken advantage of our Stanley inserts and they love them. Get yours today and put an end to your unorganised and messy toolbox.


Our Stanley toolbox organisers don't have set dimensions. This is because each of our Stanley toolbox organisers is designed to fit a specific model of Stanley toolbox. If you browse through this page, you'll see a variety of different inserts suited for a range of models of Stanley toolboxes.

That said, one dimension that we can talk about is depth, which varies from insert to insert. At Shadow Foam, our Stanley toolbox inserts come in 30mm and 50mm in depth. The one you should go for will depend on the depth of your toolbox and the tools that you plan to store in it.

All Shadow Foam Stanley toolbox organisers are made out of 100% polyethylene. As a result, they are very durable and can withstand the test of time. This is because polyethylene is one of the most versatile and flexible materials out there.

For starters, due to its chemical composition and molecular structure, polyethylene is resistant to water, ultraviolet light, and common chemicals. As a result of that, you can use your toolbox in any weather condition, without damaging the structural integrity of your inserts and the carved-out slots for your tools. Besides that, polyethylene:

  • Is also great at absorbing and dissipating energy from impact

  • Can withstand bending without breaking or deforming

  • Won't lose its structure integrity when exposed to high or low temperatures

Shadow Foam's toolbox inserts don't actually have any compartments, and that's why they're better than all other toolbox organisers on the market. When you get your Shadow Foam Stanley toolbox organiser, you will get to cut out the individual compartments for all of your tools.

That way, each tool will have its own place in your toolbox, putting an end to the rattling noises in your toolbox during transportation. What's more is that since every tool will have its own place, your tools won't grind against each other. This will practically eliminate the chances of your tools getting damaged from grinding against each other and requiring constant repair or replacement as a result.

Our Stanley toolbox organisers are water-resistant. And despite the fact that they are made from foam, as polyethene is great at repelling water, your inserts won't become a mushy sponge that holds water when it comes in contact with water. This gives users the complete freedom to use their toolbox outdoors even when the weather isn't favourable.

If you browse through this page, you'll come across several different Stanley toolbox inserts. Each of the inserts we stock is designed to fit a specific model of a Stanley toolbox. To find the right insert for your toolbox, you need to know what model your toolbox is and cross reference it to the inserts that we have available.

Please note that we don't stock up on Shadow Foam organisers for all models of Stanley toolboxes. If you can't find an insert that suits your specific model of Stanley toolbox, it's not a problem. In this case, you can simply take advantage of our standard Shadow Foam organisers.

They come in two sizes, 600 x 420mm (available in depth of 30mm and 50mm) and 1000 x 500mm (available in depth of 30mm, 50mm, and 70mm). If you're looking for a larger or a smaller insert, you can also order a custom-sized insert.

Once you get your hands on an organiser that is larger than the footprint of your toolbox, you can simply cut it to fit your toolbox. Don't worry - it's super easy and it'll look very neat.

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