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Van life hacks get the Shadow Foam treatment! - Shadow Foam

Van life hacks get the Shadow Foam treatment!

When it comes to a different, but very effective use of Shadow Foam this is a big one.  We've long known that those living and travelling in vans, caravans and motorhomes love the many benefits that Shadow Foam can bring.  So here in two projects we're taking van life and giving it our own special touch.  Working with a couple who really know the challenges of a life on the road - the True Blue Travellers.

Van life with the True Blue Travellers.

The True Blue Travellers are Jess and Jon.  At the beginning of 2023 they decided they'd had enough of the 9-5.  They set off in search of all the world has to offer. They love to travel and believe driving around a country is truly the best way to see it.

Sometimes they travel by car or bike but usually, their favourite way is by campervan. They love to explore the whole of a country, seeing the tourist spots along the way but most of all, the off the beaten track destinations where you experience a country in its entirety.

So if travel, fun and new experiences is what you like to see then why not check out their Youtube Channel and go along with them on their adventures.

The van life Shadow Foam projects.

Here we tackled two big projects which were going to make a huge difference to the traveller's lives on the road.  First we took on a roadside rescue kit for Jon.

van life at it's best with a roadside rescue kit

The second more diverse, but really effective application was inside their incredible van.  We stopped all the rattles that people living on the road are used to living with, and brought new levels of organisation and protection to their kitchen drawers.  Jess even had a go at Shadowfoaming herself to show how easy it can be, even for beginners.  If you're new to Shadow Foaming then this project is definitely worth a watch.  Along with a visit to the How To section on our website to give you all the techniques you need to get going.

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