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The ultimate hidden storage idea

Ikea hacks.  Here though we're perfectly combining the two.  We come up with what we think could be the ultimate in hidden storage projects.

Our hidden storage idea

Many of you have come to know and love our French cleat tool wall.  This is the perfect backdrop in our workshop-come-studio.  But is also a functional and exceptionally useful way of storing our tools in a room where space really is at a premium.

Most recently we've added a lot of our Skil tools haul into the tool storage wall.  Jonathan's really been enjoying our Skil power tools, they have some great features.  Importantly, too, when they're showcased on the wall like this, are aesthetics.  Their red and black colour really compliments our own Shadow Foam branding.

The idea here is to really upgrade our old whisky storage drawer.  People went mad for this idea when we first showcased it a couple of years ago.  This drawer has served us well for many years, and created lots of interest.  However, this will take it to a new level.

A secret whisky bar for your workshop?

If you want to see for yourself how easy it is to add a secret compartment to your workshop storage, check out the full project right here.

All you need to recreate this yourself is outlined in the video.  With a little help from some Ikea and B&Q materials, Shadow Foam turned an otherwise unused wall space into the perfect hidden storage and display space.

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