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Shadow Foam Inserts for Makita

The popularity of Makita’s Makpac connector cases continues to grow. The practical functionality of being able to stack cases to suit, connecting with the secure lockable latches is enhanced by their strong, collapsible handles for ease of transporting your tools around site. Take that portability to the next level and maximise the efficiency of your storage by using Makita foam inserts from Shadow Foam to organise and protect your gear on the move.

If you’re looking to organise your toolbox, Shadow Foam makes it easy.

Just imagine being able to easily spot when something is missing, or knowing with certainty that all of your equipment is returned and protected after use. Due to Shadow Foam’s unique customisable properties, having too many items is never a problem.

Shadow Foam is a multi-layered polyethylene foam that makes organisation as simple as cut and peel. Use any sharp knife to cut around your item, then peel back layers for depth. Shadow Foam is water and common chemical resistant, so if there are any spills, just wipe them off with no problems. It is available in seven colour variations with either a colour top, or colour base, and enhanced with a UV stabiliser to ensure the colour never fades.

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Makita MakPac 821549-5 - Type 1
Makita MakPac 821550-0 - Type 2
Makita MakPac 821551-8 - Type 3
Makita MakPac 821552-6 - Type 4
Makita MakPac Cantilever Toolbox
Makita MakPac Clear Lid Organiser
Makita MakPac P-84349 

5 Drawer Case

Makita MakPac P-84333 

6 Drawer Case

The Cut and Peel Foam Solution

Shadow Foam is a one-of-a-kind, award winning product. It is 100% polyethylene and designed with a unique structure that allows it to cut cleanly, and peel easily. This allows anyone to create professional-looking foam liners for their toolboxes, flight cases, systainers, and much more…

Shadow Foam combines the ease of use of a pick ‘n’ pluck foam, with the strength and quality of an expensive custom CNC foam liner. Getting your tools organised is as simple as cut and peel. Keeping your gear protected and organised at an affordable cost has never been easier!

If you’ve ever been stressed searching for a tool, or felt the pain of replacing a broken piece of equipment… then Shadow Foam is for you.

water   Water and common chemical resistant
cleaning_services   Easy to clean, simply wipe off any mess
wb_sunny   UV resistance keeps the colours vivid
bolt   Anti-static/ESD characteristics
delete_outline   100% Recyclable PE Foam (where available)
all_inclusive   HCFC free and odourless

These toolboxes are designed to last, and so is our range of Makita Makpac inserts. A Makita foam insert is the perfect means of getting organised, whatever your business or hobby. It allows you to keep your tools and equipment safely secured and protected within your toolbox. These Shadow Foam inserts come following many years of development, and with you in mind. We are tool users too, and know what you need, so our inserts are packed with unique and useful features.

With a little initial investment of time to fit your tools into the foam inserts, you’ll reap the rewards for years to come. No more damaged tools! From now on it will be clearly visible if you haven’t returned something to it’s rightful place. Just think, the expense of losing things could become a thing of the past. Consider too the time you’ll save looking for things which you haven’t packed or left on a job somewhere. Who said you can’t buy time!?

The Makita Makpac foam insert range also helps you look the business. Slick, professional and organised… it’s so easy to give yourself the edge. The Makita foam inserts also come in a range of 7 colours. So you can either go for maximum impact, match the insert to your tools or box, or go corporate and colour your tool storage to compliment your company branding.


The inserts are designed and sized to fit the footprint of your case/drawer

In the product description for each item listed, we give a breakdown of all the case variants that each insert will fit. We show which inserts are compatible with which toolbox in the product cards above.

This is really up to you, and depends what you want to store in the case, and if you want to build up multiple layers of inserts. For example for smaller hand-tools you might want to go with a 30mm depth of foam which would let you cut down to a depth of around 20mm in which to store them. Power tools might be better with a 50mm insert, giving you 40mm workable depth in which to cut them into the foam.

We do have more stock arriving all the time, so if what you’re looking for shows out of stock, it’s worth checking again at a later date. If you need something more quickly and another colour or variant won’t work for you, perhaps consider making your own insert – we created this guide to help.

Unless specified in the product description, no. The depth of foam will be as you select at checkout and the colour of the inserts in the pack would be the same.

Yes absolutely. You can get a sample of Shadow Foam here.

Because there are so many models of toolboxes out there, we aren’t able to make inserts for all of them. Instead, we have standard sheets that you can cut down to create your own inserts. Just follow this video tutorial we’ve put on our YouTube channel.

Absolutely! Shadow Foam is reversible – either use the black side or the coloured side, it’s your choice! 

Please check out our full FAQs section on our main website.

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