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Shadow Foam Inserts for Stanley

Stanley are renowned for having mobile storage solutions designed and engineered to be ideal for protecting and transporting your tools. From the very toughest reinforced units to smart interlocking storage systems. They’re a popular tool storage solution offering uncompromised toughness even in the most challenging of conditions. Now with custom fit Shadow Foam inserts for your Stanley tool box, you can take that tool control and protection to the next level.

If you’re looking to organise your Stanley tool box, Shadow Foam makes it as simple as cut, and peel.

How to stop tools from disappearing.

You'll immediately spot when something is missing, and know for sure that all your tools are returned after being used. A Stanley foam insert will bring you all that, and much more.

What is the most useful tool in a toolbox?

That's easy - Shadow Foam! Of course, we're biased but these Stanley Foam Inserts your tool organisation simple and effective, helping you get the most from your tool storage.

How to use your Stanley foam insert.

Just plan the layout of your tools to suit, then use our recommended cutting and peeling methods to create your own custom Stanley organiser for your tools.

Getting the most from your Fatmax organiser inserts.

When you use your foam insert to optimise the space in your case, you'll be amazed just how much you can fit in an your Stanley storage.

About the Stanley foam insert.

Shadow Foam's Stanley foam inserts are durable and versatile. They come pre-shaped to simply slot into your container. Easy to use, you'll find their vibrant colours remain looking good with their UV stabilisers and easy clean finish.

Shadow Foam lets you enhance your Stanley tool storage to be as unique as you. With our unrivalled choice of ten vibrant colours which you can use either coloured face up or down, you've so many possibilities to customise your tool kit. Take a look what others say about them.

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The Cut and Peel Foam Solution

Shadow Foam is a one-of-a-kind, award winning product. It is 100% polyethylene and designed with a unique structure that allows it to cut cleanly, and peel easily. This allows anyone to create professional-looking foam liners for their toolboxes, flight cases, systainers, and much more…

Keep Your Tools Protected

Quality tools from brands like Stanley and the like can be expensive to repair or replace if anything happens to them. Keeping them protected should always be top priority and that's what these inserts will help you with.

The Stanley foam insert is designed and created by you. Once complete, you’ve made yourself a durable and protective home for all your tools that will last for years to come. 

Organise Your Tools Just How You Want Them

Since you're creating your own custom tool organiser, the layout can be customised by you to ideally suit your specific needs.

Often, off-the-shelf dividers and ready made inserts come with the tools laid out to suit the manufacturer for shipping or display purposes. This defines where you can fit your tools, rather than being suited to your needs.

Our Shadow Foam inserts are cut and peeled by you, meaning you'e in total control over the layout. So, you can work more efficiently, and achieve quicker results whenever you're working with your tools.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The material used in the manufacture of our Shadow Foam inserts is carefully chosen. It's super easy to clean and any dirt, dust or debris can be easily wiped away.

water   Water and common chemical resistant
cleaning_services   Easy to clean, simply wipe off any mess
wb_sunny   UV resistance keeps the colours vivid
bolt   Anti-static/ESD characteristics
delete_outline   100% Recyclable PE Foam (where available)
all_inclusive   HCFC free and odourless
Resistant to UV, Water & Many Common Chemicals

An inherent quality of the Polyethylene used in the manufacture of Shadow Foam is that it's resistant to most common chemicals, UV, and water. This means you can work in most conditions without worrying your Shadow Foam insert might lose shape, strength, or it's visual appeal.

HCFC Free with no harmful odours

Often toolbox organisers for Stanley tool boxes can be made from materials which contain HCFC. Therefore, they're considered more harmful to the environment, or indeed to us if the odours they ommit are breathed in during use. Our inserts are both odourless and HCFC-free, therefore much safer for indoor use.


Custom made Stanley tool box inserts can be expensive and in some cases, you could be looking at hundreds of pounds-worth of investment to keep your tools and equipment safe and protected.

Shadow Foam, though gives comparable results but far more cost-effectively. That's why thousands of people are now using Shadow Foam inserts as an affordable means of keeping tools safe & protected.

Suitable For Anyone With Stanley Cases

The Stanley ProStack Storage range is one of their most popular storage containers, one you can certainly count on. The FatMax range offers a variety of toolboxes, tool bags, totes, tool vests and mix of organisers – which is why our Stanley case inserts work so well with the mixture of toolboxes available, the perfect fit with no messing around.


These inserts are designed and sized to fit the footprint of your Stanley case/drawer

Within the product description for each item listed, we give a breakdown of all the case variants that each insert works with. 

This is really up to you as it depends what items you want to store in your Stanley case and how much available space you have in there. You can even build up multiple layers of inserts if you've a lot of tools to store and enough space to use. For small items like hand tools you might use a 30mm deep foam which allows you to cut down to a depth of around 20mm. Larger items like power tools might benefit from a 50mm insert, giving you 40mm workable depth.  You can also stack layers to achieve more depth when needed too.

We'll have more stock arriving all the time. If what you’re after shows out of stock, it’s worth checking again at a slightly later date. If you need something more quickly though, and another colour or variant won’t work, maybe consider making your own custom insert – we created this guide to help.

Unless specified in the product description, not usually, no. The depth and colour of foam will be as you select at checkout with all inserts in the pack being the same.

Yes of course, it's great to try before you buy. You can get your sample of Shadow Foam here.

Since there are so many models of toolboxes out there, we aren’t always able to make inserts for them all, though our range does grow all the time. As an alternative, we have standard sheets that you can cut down to make your own inserts. Check out this video tutorial if you;d like to give that a go.

Yes, absolutely! Shadow Foam is completely reversible.  You can either use with the black side or the coloured side facing upwards, it’s your choice! 

Please check out our full FAQs section on our main website.

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