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A whistlestop tour at Maker Central - Shadow Foam

Un tour express à Maker Central

Whether you managed to get to Maker Central or not this year, you don't have to miss out.  While the team were back at the Shadow Foam booth introducing visitors to our new products, Jona was trawling the show.  Here we take a look at the great and the good amongst some of the highlights he found.

About the Maker Central Show

This is fast becoming THE destination event on any Maker's calendar.  Here, not only can you meet world-famous makers and YouTube stars.  But it's an interactive extravaganza for both big and little kids alike.  

From it's inception, Maker Central was the vision of artist, woodturner and Youtuber Nick Zammeti.  Since then, the event has grown and evolved into a worldwide attraction.  Visitor and exhibitor numbers are understandably growing year on year. And so, therefore, are the names they attract.

For us, it's the main event in our exhibition calender.  So this year we'd planned for it to be bigger and better than ever before, and it certainly didn't disappoint.  

Who was there?

No doubt about it, the big-ticket attractions at this year's event were both friends of our business.  The Hacksmith is a Canada-based creator with a massive worldwide following, and Colin Furze, UK based innovator and Youtuber needs no introduction.  But who else did we get to catch up with at the show?

Our very own Mark from Peach Tree Crafting with The Hacksmith

Our Ambassadors and affiliates were there of course, but quite apart from that, Shadow Foam were pretty well represented at the Maker Central show.  Not only could our product be seen on Colin's booth, but we were also pride of place on the neighbouring Lumberjack Tools stand.

Better still, as the Maker Central weekend went on, more and more makers had displays on their booth's showcasing our products versatility.  

A highlight was stumbling across our product "in the wild" on Crimson Guitar's vintage tools booth.  Those guys had used it to safely store and transport a range of their vintage tools.  It was a real buzz too for our demo team too to get to meet Johnny 5.  They cut a minature robot replica into Shadow Foam for the robotics team.

Makers and Exhibitors

With more makers and exhibitors than ever before, it made for an eclectic and interesting mix.  We met with people we already knew, but were also introduced to a whole range of new brands and innovators which was incredible.  

As you'd expect, Jonathan returned to Shadow Foam HQ after the Maker Central event with a bumper haul of goodies.  This time, made up from both vintage, British Made curiosities and brilliant new innovations we haven't come across before.  If you'd like to see more about those you can watch the full weekend's antics right here:

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