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Les accessoires et la gamme Modbox de Klein tools

We all appreciate the benefits of working with a mobile tool storage solution. There are, of course, no end of modular systems on the market.  So often it comes down to the range of accessories that you can get when it comes to swaying our buying decisions. Today, then, we're considering the Klein Tools range of add ons and accessories since getting ourselves some MODboxes and goodies on our recent trip to the States,

About Klein tools

Fair to say their kit is easier to come across in the US than here in the UK.  Klein are a well-known manufacturer of hand tools and related equipment.  Primarily serving professionals in the electrical, construction, and telecommunications industries, they've had a long track record of producing high-quality tools. Over many years in business they've built a reputation for durability, reliability, and innovation.

What's in the Klein MODbox range

As you might expect, once you step into Klein's "Builderverse" you're greeted with seemingly no end of cases and accessories  So to get exactly what you need, it's well worth exploring the full catalogue. Our main experience of the range is largely in and around the MODbox system, but here's an overview of what we've found:

The MODbox storage cases and drawers

The MODbox Mobile Workstation is a modular system with locking components. This enables you to easily interchange products to customise to suit using their vertical and side locking components.  In the brand's orange colours, the units we got were tough, durable and functional with lots of quirky features and innovations you'd expect from Klein Tools' storage brand.  Of particular note were features like the light holder in the lid of the case which is something we haven't come across before. 

The rest of the MODbox range

As we've come to expect of these systems the range also extends to tool bags, totes, and backpacks for those with a preference for soft cases. As an added bonus though, if you do get tired of hauling them around, all three incorporate the same MODbox groove technology, allowing you to build them onto your existing stack if you prefer.

Other accessories

Their Builderverse really does let you customise your mobile workstation to  suit you.  With everything from replacement trays and parts, tool vests and pouches, the capacity to uniquely style your storage to suit is great.  Their rail attachments are particularly useful, even allowing you to add an official Klein Tools cup holder to your system if you need.  

The Klein MODbox Foam Inserts from Shadow Foam

Joining Shadow Foam's range of ready made inserts in Spring 2024 will be the Klein MODbox foam organisers.  We're of course biased, but we'd consider this to be one of the ultimate accessories you can add to your MODbox system to really get the most from your mobile workstation.  Used in your cases and drawers, these foam inserts will make sure you never damage an item in transit, or leave behind a much needed tool on site.  

Check out our socials or drop a note to our customer service team if you need to know more about when the Klein inserts will be hitting our shelves. 

Klein tools MODbox



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