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The rise in use of DIY tool control methods in FMCG - Shadow Foam

L'augmentation de l'utilisation des méthodes de contrôle des outils de bricolage dans les produits de grande consommation

Tool control measures have been widely applied throughout the aviation industry for quite some time.  However we’re noticing that FMCG is becoming one of the biggest sectors in our business portfolio, so why is that?

Tool control in FMCG

Tool control in the FMCG sector is clearly important for allowing manufactures to maintain product quality. More than that though, it’s about ensuring safety, complying with regulations, managing costs, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Whatever visual management or tool control strategy is employed within those businesses, an effective tool control method is at the core of that.  Be it Lean, 5S, Six Sigma, the fundamentals of all these workplace organisation processes remain the same.  

The businesses we supply cover a very diverse and wide range of FMCG products.  Be it the big-name brands we’ve come to know and love in the F&B sector, or the big supermarket chains.  Plus all the way through to pharma, toiletries and cleaning products.

For these types of business, quality control is the cornerstone of their success or failure as a brand.  Therefore regulatory compliance clearly drives their constant need for improvement, as well as a desire to manage inventory and reduce costs.  So do these factors also come into play when deciding on the right tool control products?

DIY versus outsourced tool control

These huge FMCG manufacturers can’t afford downtime when it comes to getting their tool control protocols up to date.  For many, it’s a regular, annual process, so to have workstations, individuals or even entire departments out of commission for any period of time to have their tool control upgraded isn’t an attractive or viable option. 

Therein, then, lies the beauty of a DIY method of tool control; a solution that can be rolled-out simply, in-situ, and at a time and pace which best suits the business. Better still, one that can be driven by the teams and users of those areas to enable them to really optimise their own results to best suit them.

Regulatory factors

Of course, these sectors are highly regulated, and companies must adhere to strict standards and guidelines as well as demonstrating this during audits and inspections. 

Herein lies one of the big benefits of Shadow Foam, given that the companies are entirely able to apply the required tool control measures without need for downtime.  And entirely without their equipment and people being out of commission for any period of time.

This, it seems, has become particularly important in the FMCG sector where production lines need to operate continuously to meet high demand, and which enables the flexible application of a DIY solution like Shadow Foam to come into it's own.

If this is something you'd like to discuss in more detail for your own business, please get in touch. 

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