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How Morrisons food manufacturing organise their tool control - Shadow Foam

How Morrisons food manufacturing organise their tool control

A Morrisons Manufacturing site in Cheshire were undergoing a 5S project in their Engineering Workshop. Part of the project included organising their hand tools into an audit friendly system. As in all FMCG manufacture, internal audits were commonplace along with BRC audits. The tool control system had to be sustainable and simple.

The Problem

Previous toolbox inventories were found to be time consuming and unreliable. There were only two obvious options;

  • Replace the original shift tools with complete pre foamed tool sets.
  • Send all the existing tools away to be CNC cut into unique foam liners

On investigation of each option, it was found that four replacement tool sets would cost in excess of £40k. Custom CNC liners, although cheaper, would still cost around £6k, however the tools would have to be sent away for a few weeks. Also some of the tools were no longer manufactured and if lost the replacement would be a different shape meaning liners would have to be recut at an individual cost of over £200 each.

The Solution

After ruling out both previous options due to there lack of flexibility and high cost. The Engineering management contacted Shadow Foam as an alternative option.

Shadow Foam material for all their existing roll cabs and cabinets cost a little over £1000 and the liners were colour coded to match each shift.

The Shadow Foam was cut in between regular planned maintenance and machine breakdowns by shift engineers. This meant it was done quickly but with little impact on the teams regular duties.

One of the key benefits Morrison’s marked as a deciding factor, was the ability to recut and replace foam liners at very little cost, if tools were lost or broken in the future. This allows the engineering team and each tool set to change and evolve over time as new equipment is brought in and new tools are required.

The pictures in the gallery below show some of the completed liners cut by Morrison’s team.

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