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The Essential Videos to Get Started Using Shadow Foam

Using Shadow Foam to achieve organisational greatness is easy. The best results will be achieved by using our recommended techniques to get a great finish and to keep safe during the process.  So here are a few short guides to get you up and running, and you can find much more help, inspiration, hacks and methods on our Youtube channel too. 
1. How to use your scalpel safely. Using the right equipment and attaching the blade so you can get started cutting your Shadow Foam.
3. How to peel Shadow Foam. Get equipped with the best techniques and methods to peel your Shadow Foam for the best results.
2. How to cut Shadow Foam. The quick start guide on finding the right method to cut your tools and equipment into the foam.
4. How to smooth Shadow Foam. Refine and finishing your foam insert using a variety of effective methods to achieve professional results.
5. Jona's top tips. Advice from the expert! Get inspiration and hints from the man who works with Shadow Foam all the time. With everything from safety, use of the scalpel, layout, cutting and peeling, this essential piece of viewing will have you Shadowfoaming like a pro in no time.

Hungry for more...?

We've hundreds of videos showcasing everything you could ever need to know about working with Shadow Foam. We want you to get the very best results from your project.  So if you'd like to explore more inspiring projects and ideas, check this out:

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