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About Us

Independently owned, UK based Shadow Foam Ltd was first established in 2012, headed up by a small team of professionals whose experience was drawn largely from their engineering backgrounds within various industries. 

Shadow Foam was originally developed as a strategy for tool control, drawing on the name of a ‘shadow board’, a tool commonly used across engineering, aviation, and many other industries to standardise and regulate tool control.

Working closely with strategic partners, Shadow Foam developed a unique and durable grade of customisable foam, which is tried, tested and affordable. Although originally developed to help make professional levels of tool control accessible and cost-effective for a wider market, the Shadow Foam product has since taken on a life of it's own! The product is is now widely used all around the world for a variety of other exciting applications too.

What is Shadow Foam?

Shadow Foam is the market leading DIY product for all your organisational needs:

If you’re looking to organise your toolbox, flight case, backpack, or something a little different, Shadow Foam makes it easy.

The inherent characteristics of the product means you spot when something is missing. Allowing you to know with certainty that all of your equipment is returned after use. Not only does it prevent you losing things but it allows you to optimally organise your gear. Ensuring quick and easy access whenever you need it. Plus your valuable items are protected on the go too.

What makes Shadow Foam different?

Shadow Foam is a multi-layered polyethylene foam that makes organisation as simple as "cut and peel". We offer an extensive set of guides on the use of our product both on our website and on our popular Youtube channel.

The inherent strength and durability in our product make it more robust than with the pick & pluck foam options available on the market.  Plus as it's infinitely customisable, the flexibility this gives offer's many more creative opportunities than other products.  Since it's developed specifically for easy customisation by the user, it also means you can create your custom solution yourself, so no costly outsourcing and design services are required.

If you've come across products like Kaizen foam before, you'll already know what great organisational properties products like this can bring  There are many reasons people look for a Kaizen alternative, though. It could be cost, lead-time, the range of inserts and sizes available, or just that you need a product with a smoother, less textured finish. Our range and vibrancy of colours is unmatched by any other brand. Plus the ease of use of our material is highly rated amongst our customers. As is the ability to work with the material either coloured or black face up.

Shadow Foam is available in a selection of depths and in a wide range of vibrant colour variations. When using the material black side up, you really benefit from the tool control properties of the dual-colour material.  Or work coloured side up to make the most from the pop of the colour, the choice is yours. The material is enhanced with a UV stabiliser to ensure the colours never fade, and it's simple to clean, giving you longevity from your creations.

In terms of size, we can offer standard size sheets and packs as well as ready made inserts for many of the worlds biggest tool storage brands.  Add to this, our custom foam manufacture service where you can obtain sheets of the material in any size up to around 2m x 1m and there really is an option to suit anyone.

The team

Since it's inception, the company has grown, now operating across multiple sites in the North West of England. Whilst still essentially a small business with a core team of only around a dozen staff, we embrace lean working methods and specialist technology to optimise our output and manage shipping the thousands of orders we receive each month all around the world.  

Shadow Foam on Youtube

Our passion for tools and organisation, paired with our transparent and no-nonsense approach to all our content has seen significant growth in the popularity of our Youtube channel.  Add to this mix just this some of the monster collaborations our team have done with fellow makers and creators like Colin Furze and The Hacksmith, and it's meant a significant demand and desire for new Shadow Foam content. With this in mind, the team typically launch at least one new video every week. So if organisation, hacks, creative ideas and anything tool related is your thing, it's well worth checking out the channel which also gives you a lot more insight into the product and what we do as a business.


Feedback, opinions and comments of any kind are viewed as valuable information which can help us to grow and improve our company and products. If you have anything to tell us, then we’d love to hear from you.

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