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Dewalt Tool Organiser

Looking to organise your DeWALT toolbox? You're in the right place. At Shadow Foam, we have spent the last decade perfecting our one-of-a-kind product - the DeWALT tool box organiser. In most basic terms, it's an insert made out of 100% polyethylene that is perfectly cut to suit your exact DeWALT toolbox.

Its extremely versatile and durable nature coupled with its ease of use and affordability make it the perfect alternative to the costly CNC foam liners. Thousands of contractors, ranging from builders and plumbers to electricians as well as DIY-ers have been using it to date, and they're all extremely happy (just take a look at our reviews).

Order your Shadow Foam DeWALT inserts today or read more to learn about the different benefits that you will enjoy the second you start using the Shadow Foam DeWALT tool box organisers.

Easy Cut and Peel Dewalt Tool Organisers

There's nothing worse than investing a bunch of money into DeWALT tool organisers that are not flexible and frankly, hard to use. All Shadow Foam DeWALT toolbox organisers are easy to use. All you need to do is cut and peel - that's it. And that's far from the only benefit of our inserts. Here is what our inserts can do for you and your tools:

Keep Your Tools Protected

Tools by companies like DeWALT are expensive to repair or replace. So, keeping them protected should be your first priority. And that's exactly what our inserts are best at.

Once you cut around the shape of your tool and peel the remains, you can provide each of your tools with their own area where they will be kept protected when not in use. What's more is that our inserts can keep any type of tool or piece of equipment protected, whether it's a screwdriver or a larger power tool.

Organise Your Tools Just the Way You Want

Most DeWALT dividers and storage compartments come in a pre-cut shape, which can accommodate tools of various shapes and sizes. While you can somewhat organise your tools with those, they are far from the best way to do it.

Since our Shadow Foam inserts can be cut and peeled, you are in full control over the layout of your tools. That way, you can decide exactly where and how to position each one of your tools.

As a result, you can sort through all your tools in seconds, work more efficiently, and achieve much better results on your personal or professional projects. 

Easy to Keep Clean

Polyethylene foam is renowned for being super easy to clean, and the same applies to our inserts. Any build-up of dust or debris can be easily wiped off, making the cleaning of your toolbox much easier and less time-consuming.

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Resistant to UV, Water & Common Chemicals

One unique benefit of polyethylene is that it's resistant to most common chemicals, UV, and water. What this means for users is that they can open up their toolbox and use it in almost any weather condition without causing their Shadow Foam insert to lose its shape, strength, or visual appeal.

No Odour & HCFC-Free

Most DeWALT toolbox organisers are made out of materials that are not only toxic to the environment but have a lingering odour, which can stick to your tools. Our inserts are completely odourless and HCFC-free. When you use them, you're not only looking after our ozone layer, but you won't be exposed to funny smells that have been building up inside your toolbox.

Strong & Durable Yet Affordable

High-quality DeWALT dividers and storage compartments are expensive. As a result, in some instances, you'll need to spend hundreds of pounds just to keep your tools and equipment safe. That all ends today - thanks to our inserts.

Shadow Foam inserts are not only strong and durable but they're also far more affordable - starting at £19.99 including VAT. As a result, thousands of people have used the Shadow Foam inserts as an alternative to keep their tools safe and protected during a job or while in transit.

Suitable For All Contractors & DIY-ers

Whether you're a contractor with thousands of pounds worth of tools or a fan of DIY projects with a small DeWALT toolbox, you can benefit from investing in a Shadow Foam insert. Most people neglect their toolboxes, leaving them messy and unorganised.

This will not only lead to increased frustration when looking for a specific tool, but it'll also increase the rate at which your tools and equipment deteriorate. And, so will the rate at which you'll need to repair or replace them, which will cost you money.

What we recommend is to filter through this page and find the insert that works for your particular DeWALT toolbox. Thousands of contractors and DIY-ers already have and they love it. If you're not quite ready to spend your hard-earned money on Shadow Foam inserts, that's okay. You can now order a Shadow Foam sample and try our inserts before making a decision.


Unfortunately, we don't. The reason being is that DeWAIT simply have many different types of toolboxes, making it almost impossible for us to create a Shadow Foam insert for every model. Please note that although we don't have inserts for each DeWAIT toolbox on the market, we do stock inserts for most of them.

If you're not able to find a Shadow Foam insert specifically for your DeWALT toolbox, don't worry. You can easily order a standard Shadow Foam sheet and cut it to the unique shape of your particular toolbox. Not only will it look exactly the same way, but it'll also look just as neat.

All Shadow Foam DeWALT tool organisers are made out of polyethylene. The reason why we've settled on this material is due to the many benefits it offers and the little to no drawbacks it has. For starters, it's lightweight and extremely versatile. It's also widely known for its shock-absorbing ability, buoyant properties, and excellent insulation.

What's more is that polyethylene is also resistant to water, common chemicals, and UV - allowing contractors and DIY-ers to use their tools in almost any weather conditions. It's also worth mentioning that polyethylene foam is very easy to use and to keep clean.

Our DeWAIT tool box organisers come in two different depths, 30mm and 50mm. The depth that you should go for will depend on the tools that you plan on organising and the type and model of DeWALT toolbox you have.

You have 30 days from the day of delivery to return your DeWALT toolbox insert if you no longer need it. Please note that we don't currently offer any refunds on custom-made inserts, as they are manufactured bespoke to your needs.

For your insert to be eligible for a refund, it must be unused and in its original condition and packaging. Before the return of your order is approved, we will ask you for your receipt or proof of purchase.

To get a refund, get in touch with us at Please keep in mind that all returns are to be sent to the following address: Shadow Foam, Unit 34-36, Cosgrove Business Park, Road Two, Anderton, Northwich CW9 6FY, United Kingdom. For more information on our refund policy, please refer to our dedicated refund policy page.

The best way to know if the inserts you're about to buy are right for your DeWALT toolbox is to refer to the specific size description of your toolbox. Once you know the dimensions of your toolbox, cross reference them with the size of the insert you're about to buy.

If you browse through this page, you'll come across all of the inserts that we offer and the DeWALT toolboxes that they fit. If we don't offer an insert for your specific DeWALT toolbox, you can order our standard foam sheet and cut it yourself to fit your toolbox. Don't worry - it's very easy and it'll look just as good.

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