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  • Foam inserts for the DeWalt battery box
    september 15, 2023

    Foam inserts for the DeWalt Battery Box

    Known to all fans of DeWalt as the DEWALT TOUGHSYSTEM 2.0 18V Dual Port Charger, we’ve been keen to get our hands on the DeWalt Battery Box for a while now, and this is what we’ve done with it! About...

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  • dewalt hand tools organised perfectly in Shadow Foam
    april 28, 2023

    What did we make of our Dewalt Hand Tools?

    This was a bit of an accidental project after a case we wanted to use for a battery storage project didn’t quite work out. So instead we decided to check out a selection of Dewalt hand tools. As well as...

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  • The ultimate DeWalt tool bag upgrade - Shadow Foam
    februar 3, 2023

    The ultimate DeWalt tool bag upgrade

    We’re a look a how you can transform an unorganised tool bag set up quickly and cost-effectively. We looked at trading a Dewalt tool bag for a couple of portable ToughSystem cases as a portable, efficient option. Using our custom...

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  • december 22, 2022

    Custom tool boxes and logos for all tool brands

    We are asked all the time how we create logos on our custom tool boxes and projects. Because Shadow Foam is a customisable foam it can be used to personalise whatever storage you’ve made with it. From the best tool...

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  • Organising a DeWalt ToughSystem Backpack - Shadow Foam
    august 19, 2022

    Organising a DeWalt ToughSystem Backpack

    We needed some additional storage space and our ToughSystem stack was already at it’s limit. So by adding this Dewalt ToughSystem Backpack to our set up we’ve given ourselves a nice portable option. This Dewalt tool bag came from our...

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  • Storing large or complex items in foam - Shadow Foam
    juni 24, 2022

    Storing large or complex items in foam

    It’s a question we get asked a lot, especially in relation to things like circular saws. We had a DeWalt circular saw that we wanted to store in our Tough System 2.0. So, if you want to learn how to...

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