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About Us

Independently owned, Shadow Foam Ltd, incorporated in 2012, is headed up by a small team of professionals. Their experience has been drawn from Engineering functions within various industries, from consumer goods manufacture and heavy processes, to pharmaceutical and aviation.

Shadow Foam was developed as a strategy for tool control, drawing on the name of a ‘shadow board’, commonly used across engineering, aviation, and many other industries.

Working closely with strategic partners, Shadow Foam has developed two durable grades of customisable foam that are tried, tested and cost effective. Although originally developed for tool control, Shadow Foam is now used for a variety of other applications.

What is Shadow Foam?

Our Foam is the market leading product for your organisational needs.

If you’re looking to organise your toolbox, flight case, backpack, or something a little different, Shadow Foam makes it easy.

Just imagine being able to easily spot when something is missing, or knowing with certainty that all of your equipment is returned and protected after use. Due to Shadow Foam’s unique customisable properties, having too many items is never a problem.

Shadow Foam is a multi-layered polyethylene foam that makes organisation as simple as cut and peel. Use any sharp knife to cut around your item, then peel back layers for depth. Shadow Foam is water and common chemical resistant, so if there are any spills, just wipe them off with no problems. It is available in seven colour variations with either a colour top, or colour base, and enhanced with a UV stabiliser to ensure the colour never fades.

For those of you that are familiar with tool organisation, you may have heard of Kaizen Foam. Easy Peel is a great Kaizen Foam alternative as it is available in a wider range of colours and sizes. As the foam-manufacturing process is different, Easy Peel has a flatter surface finish, whereas Kaizen is more rippled. If you’re looking for a Kaizen Foam alternative, look no further!


Feedback, opinions and comments of any kind are viewed as valuable information which can help us to grow and improve our company and products. If you have anything to tell us, then we’d love to hear from you.

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