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8 Tool Organisation Ideas - Shadow Foam

8 Tool Organisation Ideas

As a former engineer and electrician, I've spent a good portion of my career navigating through cluttered workspaces, tangled cords, and the ever-elusive tool that seems to vanish right when you need it most. Through trial and error, I've found two things to be true: one, it’s almost impossible for me to work in a disorganised space. And two, having the right organisational system not only saves time and protects your expensive tools, but also helps preserve sanity on long days in the workshop.

Today, I'm excited to share some of these tool organisation ideas with you, focusing particularly on the transformative power of Shadow Foam in creating a workspace that isn’t just functional but efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Let’s take a look!

Workspace Layout

First up, we need to talk about your working environment. The heart of a well-organised tool inventory begins with a thoughtful workspace layout, and this is pretty much the foundation upon which everything else is built. And it's not necessarily about having the largest garage or the most expansive workshop; rather, it's about optimising the space you have.

Thoughtful placement of workbenches, storage cabinets, and frequently used tools can dramatically streamline your workflow, minimising wasted movement and maximising efficiency. And let's not overlook the potential of walls - these are often underused spaces that are ripe for transformation into valuable storage real estate, but I’ll talk about that further on.

Dedicated Zones for Different Tools

You also need to think of your workshop like you might think about your office or kitchen; each category of tool has its own dedicated zone. Hand tools, power tools, painting supplies, and everything in between, should all be neatly organised in their distinct areas. You don’t necessarily need to group tools by size or category, but having some form of methodical approach is necessary.

Whether it be organising items by how often you use them or organising them by their size, simply having some system in place will help keep your space clutter-free and easy to navigate. And the benefits of a personalised system? Not only do you reduce the amount of time you spend searching for tools, but you end up enhancing your productivity and maintaining focus on the task at hand for longer.

Wall Storage

As I mentioned above, the walls in your workshop should be viewed as prime real estate for tool storage - and this is where Shadow Foam comes into the equation!

By creating your own tool wall - backed by our 100% polyethylene Shadow Foam - you’re not only gaining floor space and shielding your tools from damage, but you’re also able to instantly notice when a tool is missing. This is because Shadow Foam offers custom precision cutting for each tool in your arsenal, so every important spanner, screwdriver and your favourite trusty drill has its own place.

You can also use Shadow Foam in drawers, van racks, and within your toolbox itself - making it truly the most comprehensive tool box organiser on the market.

If you’re new to the concept or simply want some tips on creating your own tool wall at home, take a look at our shadow foaming guide for detailed info on safety, sizing, and how to use our inserts correctly.


Pegboards are another classic solution for tool storage, and can provide versatility and customisation to any space; whether it's small hand tools or larger power tools, pegboards can accommodate most with ease.

Plus, with the ability to rearrange hooks and shelves, your storage space can evolve as your collection of tools grows and expands.

Wall Hooks

Simple yet incredibly effective, wall hooks are another way you can take advantage of wall space to transform your workshop. Ideal for hanging larger tools, extension cords, or even air hoses, wall hooks help by freeing up valuable floor space.

Plus, when paired with shadow foam-lined shelves for an added layer of protection and organisation, you can be sure that your tools not only look great on display, but are securely stored for when you next need them.

Colour Coding

It’s also worth pointing out the benefits of colour coding your tools. At Shadow Foam, we offer our foam inserts in a range of different colours, so you can assign a different colour to varying categories of tools.

When you’re in a hurry or simply looking to optimise your productivity, small and simple hacks like these can make all the difference.

The Right Tool Box

And who could talk about tool organisation without talking about the right tool box itself?

If you’re on the move a lot, rolling tool chests are your best bet, with options like the Milwaukee packout offering robust protection, weather protection, a comprehensive interlocking system and expansive, modular storage.

You can also pair your toolbox with Shadow Foam inserts to ensure that a) your tools don’t roll around and get damaged in transit, and b) you know exactly where each one is.

Sustaining Order Through Routine

Finally, it’s a good idea to establish a routine for keeping your workspace organised and tidy. You don’t have to be scrubbing the floors every day - but depending on how often you’re using your workshop, a daily or weekly maintenance routine can ensure that your space remains workable and hygienic, and that each tool returns to its designated place after use.

And finally, don’t forget to regularly inspect your tools - checking for wear or damage is key not just for extending their lifespan, but also for maintaining safety in your workspace.

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