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What is the best way to store my beauty products?

Beauty Storage ideas that are easier to achieve than you might think!

Ever dreamed of beautiful makeup storage or getting your beauty products organised? Timekeeping is a key factor in the mobile beauty industry, as is ease of use for your home beauty storage. We can help you get sorted and inspire you with beauty storage ideas. So, whether you’re a professional or looking to improve your drawers at home, we can help.

Beauty storage ideas number one - perfectly laid out nail polishes give a real impact for clients to select their perfect shade.
Looking for beauty storage ideas for your home or business… look no further!


Mobile Beauty

It’s important that if you work in mobile beauty, that you are efficient in your tasks and never keep clients waiting for longer than necessary.

Running over on just one appointment can have a knock-on effect on your timetable for the rest of the day and cause inconvenience for both you and your clients.

And if your client has booked you for a wedding or other special occasion, you will want to prevent this at all costs.

Beautiful makeup storage - using this beauty case and lining it with shadow foam lets you store, move and find your products with the greatest of ease
Beautiful makeup storage is more easy to achieve than you might think!

Where to start with your beauty storage ideas

The best place to start is by keeping organised and knowing exactly where everything is when you need.

It and being able to identify if something is missing and might have been left at a previous client who lives on the other side of town.

But with most cosmetic cases that are currently on the market, it leaves makeup and other items loose, causing them to move around or become damaged. Worse still leaks can leave you in a mess struggling to find that specific product that your client is desperate to try out.

How to Get Organised?

So how can you organize your beauty tools and products so everything can be found easily? Or where to start if you just want beautiful makeup storage to keep your getting ready space gorgeous.

Will look good as new, and can help you be health and safety compliant whilst simultaneously keeping you organized and able to stick to a schedule?

How to Organise Makeup

We think that the best place to start is to have custom cut sections in your cosmetic case which will provide every one of your beauty items with a home.

That way, everything will be secure during travel, and if your most expensive product is missing.

You will be able to identify this before leaving your client’s house.

This is where Shadow Foam can help…

What is Shadow Foam?

Shadow Foam is a customisable foam that can be easily cut. It can also be made to measure so that it fits whatever storage unit you use.

It cuts very smoothly, providing a supportive and sturdy protective location for your items.

Fantastic as a:

  • Skincare Organiser
  • Makeup storage solution
  • Face cream storage
  • Bathroom makeup storage

and much more..


It's much easier to create beautiful make up storage than you think.  Simply cut the foam to the profile of your products and then insert it into your beauty storage box of choice.
It really is simple to achieve the most beautiful makeup storage using customised Shadow Foam in your kit or drawers

How is Shadow Foam be used in the mobile beauty industry?

It may not be clear at first glance, but Shadow Foam can be a great and helpful addition to any cosmetic beauty case or even your makeup drawers at home!

Shadow Foam Boards

Shadow Foam can be made to fit any space where you keep your makeup or products. So whether it’s a dressing table, drawer, beauty case or a cosmetic trolley this will work for you.

Keep all your items safe and secure and help prevent spills. If this is your trade then imagine how much easier it will be when moving about and rushing to appointments.

Product Shapes

The exact profile of your product, whatever size or crazy shape they are, can be cut into the foam. This not only look awesome, but creates secure spaces for items like brushes, polishes and lipsticks to be held in.

It is also a great way to organize delicate makeup items such as pressed powders, blushers, and bronzers, so you can rest assured that they are still as good as new when it comes to showing them off to your clients.

Shadow Foam and Hairdressers

Shadow Foam can also be a huge help to those working as barbers or hairdressers.

Sharp items like scissors can be held securely in place during travel. This prevents damage and protects against potential injury if they‘ve shifted on the move

Our Shadow Foam Original has helped hundreds of those who want to keep their products laid out perfectly, replacing those that are empty and so on.

Shadow Foam Strength

Shadow Foam is extremely sturdy, so you can rest assured that the scissors won’t damage the inlay whatsoever.

Using Shadow Foam will also provide a clear view of what items you have and possibly what items may have gone missing during use.


So having Shadow Foam in your cosmetic case will easily help you identify what you may have dropped or left somewhere which could be dangerous for your clients.

In terms of personal safety, it is also a great way to have a designated section for any items such as hand sanitizers and moisturizers.


Regular use of these items can help to prevent skin conditions such as dermatitis.

Which is a huge issue for those working in the beauty industry, specifically hairdressers.

The separation of items can also help massively with regards to making up brushes and sponges.

They will be unlikely to build up bacteria and dirt from moving around and coming into contact with other items.

What are the benefits of using Shadow Foam for your beauty products?

As we can all agree, it is rather pleasant to look at, but what are the benefits of using Shadow Foam to secure your beauty products?


If you know exactly where everything is, you are less likely to spend time looking for missing items.

It will also save time from running back to your previous client when you realize that something is missing.


Preventing the above will also make you more likely to run on time and be on time for every appointment.

Keeping to a schedule is a big challenge to many in the beauty industry. Finding a solution to this dilemma will inevitably impress your client and help grow your productivity.

Customer Satisfaction

When working in mobile beauty, you need to give your clients the best experience possible.

Picture having all your products laid out in front of them in a beautiful display. Showcase everything you have to offer for a slick, organised look.

Clients should feel pampered when they leave you. Make sure you’re not letting them sit around whilst you rummage for misplaced items. And with this system, it’s obvious if something is missing, so never leave anything behind at a clients house again!

Be at the forefront of a competitive industry

If you want to be the go-to beauty therapist or hairdresser in your area, you need to stand out. The professionalism and efficient edge this will give you would absolutely help.

Make an Impact

Stunning beauty storage ideas have never been easier to achieve than with our Shadow Foam for impeccable abd long lastinc beauty storage
Need beauty storage ideas….? Look no further than our Shadow Foam customisable inserts for your beauty case

If you bring your products to your client presented immaculately in your beauty storage, people are bound to talk.

And as this competitive industry relies a lot on word of mouth, you need that edge to set you apart. Not only is beautiful makeup storage satisfying for you to use and work with, it is really impactful. You will want to show it off to everyone!


For hairdressers, in particular, Shadow Foam is a great way to keep scissors and other sharp items secure. Every stylist or barber has a story about cutting themselves on tools! This is a simple solution to prevent any nasty accidents.

It‘s also a great way to store washing and hygiene tools, such as gels and wipes to ensure the safety of both yourself and your clients.


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