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Welcome to our new Shadow Foam affiliates - Shadow Foam

Welcome to our new Shadow Foam affiliates

We have been working on the launch of our new affiliate scheme for a few months now. We’re really proud to be able to confirm it’s finally up and running! Here’s everything you need to know about it…

The Shadow Foam affiliate scheme is now up and running, we can’t wait for you to meet some of the people joining us

It’s been no secret that some pretty influential and high profile people have become fans. Or have been seen using and sharing their experiences of Shadow Foam for ages now. We’ve seen incredible makers and inventors like Colin Furze enjoying our foam. Edd China has a custom tool box organised using Shadow Foam. And the fabulous Brothers Make have shared amazing projects they’ve created. And that’s to name just a few!

We can’t get enough of seeing our product used in innovative ways and finding new enthusiasts along the way. Of course, we love seeing creations from who are excited about the product as we are. So from that small seed of thought, the Shadow Foam affiliate scheme was born.

So what is the Shadow Foam Affiliate Scheme?

The idea is that some of your favourite and most prolific makers and creators in and around the UK (and in some cases even further afield) will be showcasing their use of our foam. These are influencers who can take our product and introduce it to their particular audience. It might be that what they come up with gives you new ideas and inspiration. Plus, they might even have the odd discount code at their disposal to offer you too. So please, if you see any content popping up from our new Affiliate community, give them some likes, shares and support.

Some of the content these guys create is just brilliant. Entertaining, informative and engaging content is their way of life, they’re not known as “influencers” for nothing! So you might just find some new channels you enjoy following too.

We know you’ll join us in giving a warm welcome to all the new affiliates joining us in this first, small roll-out of our UK Affiliate Programme. It’s so exciting to be welcoming such a talented bunch of influencers to our team. Take a look here at just a few of the names you will see popping up in and around the social arena, using our Shadow Foam, in months to come.

How do you become a Shadow Foam Affiliate?

As much as we’d love to, we can’t always accept every potential affiliate on board. But we do welcome and encourage invitations from people in relevant areas with a good social reach. ie an influencer with a minimum 1,000 followers or subscribers on at least one social channel. People who are passionate and creative creators and content makers. So you don’t have to be a Colin Furze with millions of subscribers for this to work for you… it’s totally scalable and flexible for the right people. If this sounds like you, or someone you know, you can find more detail on how the Affiliate Scheme works here.

Inventor Colin Furze with his giant biscuit case customised using Shadow Foam
Colin Furze enjoying his custom Shadow Foam biscuit case, and more recently using it in his big secret tunnel build series

Why are you limiting the number of Affiliates you have?

We pride ourselves on our community and offering them the best levels of service and product we can. And we want that to translate to our Affiliates, and in turn to their audience too. We want to build strong, lasting relationships with our Affiliates in much the same way we have with our customers over the years. And we recognise that takes work. So, we are rolling out the Affiliate scheme in a slow, sustainable way to allow that to happen.

Our aim is for everyone we work with to have an amazing experience. Being strategic with the influencers we partner with in this Affiliate scheme not only gives them better potential to reach more new people with our product, but also ensures we can continue to guarantee them the best levels of support and give their audience the excellent levels of customer service that we have come to be known for.

We want the world to know about this amazing product, but sometimes, less is more! The initial Affiliate Scheme roll-out hit 50% capacity within the first two weeks of launch, so we know there’s a real appetite for this. So we’ll accommodate as many suitable applicants / influencers as we responsibly can, going forward.

Are you a YouTuber? Streamer? Blogger? Podcaster? Instagrammer? Do you have a passion for tools, organisation, or creativity? Pro or amateur, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


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