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ToughBuilt StackTech UK arrival - what you need to know

We've talked before about the lengths we had to go to in order to get our hands on the ToughBuilt StackTech. After trawling many Lowe's stores in the USA, Jonathan bought everything he wanted in the range so he could do a full and impartial review ahead of the eventual ToughBuilt StackTech UK launch, and here's what he thought.

ToughBuilt StackTech UK arrival imminent

While at time of writing you can't quite lay your hands on the range here in the UK quite that easily, we hear they are coming soon, and here's what you've got to look forward to. Welcome to our totally impartial review with Jona's Top 5 favorite features.

5. The trolley handle

The telescopic handle on the trolley has two simple catches which let you release the handle from it's housing. This enables you to slide the handle out for easy stowing of the case in your vehicle

4. Opening the case

Something we really like on this is the single, central opening latch. It opens really easily with just one hand but has an impressive positive close. Nice not to have a two handed lock operation that is really strongly engaged

3. Accessories

This system in itself warrants a post of it's own around it's super wide range of accessories. So we'll go into this in more detail on a separately. But the brilliant steel corner edging which gives it strength and durability anyway doubles as a really simple ClipTech mechanism for attaching accessories with a clip system.  Brilliant and tidy accessory system.

2. The connecting system

This is one of the main features the system is known for and we can't argue that it's a brilliant connecting and locking mechanism. There's a clear indicator so you've got a clear view of if it's locked or not. And the mechanism itself is self aligning, so even if you replace the case slightly off-centre it easily finds it's natural locking position confidence innovative. This is set to be a really iconic latching system.

1. The range

These guys are the new kids on the block when it comes to tool storage systems, but already they have all the main cases nailed. They have the triple which is the stack of the medium box, the standard width toolbox and the rolling toolbox.  They've also got the three drawer system which we have and love (nb there's a single deep drawer option too but we don't have that yet). As you'd expect they've got clear-lid organisers. narrow organisers, half-width organisers and totes too.

Within Jonathan's frank review, he does actually take a look at the much wider range and additional items that will hopefully be coming to market in time for the ToughBuilt StackTech UK arrival too. You can watch the full features and review right here.

Some additional nifty features

Wheels - these are really smart. This trolley comes with rubber wheels as standard as opposed to what you'd find on, say, the Milwaukee Packout trolley.  Other cases, like the DeWalt ToughSystem do already come with rubber wheels but they're a lot slimmer and less robust than these seem to be. Really good for navigating tougher terrain.

Close - these cases have the most satisfying close sound due to the strong seal on the case. Small detail but just makes you think quality.

Locking point - most stack systems have a single central locking point but this has one on either side which means you don't have a protrusion out of the front which can scratch your other boxes.

Handles - these are really stout and wide so it gives a great feel and grip.

Any niggles with the ToughBuilt StackTech system?

Drawer locks

There isn't one! There is on the boxes and organisers but not on the drawers which seems strange. Of course because of the steel attachment points either side, you have the capacity to retrofit something to lock yourself. And it's probably already on ToughBuilt's plan to bring something out for purpose too. But it's a pretty obvious omission when you look at the rest of the range.

Opening within the stack

With most other systems, you can open a "lower" case even when it's locked in the stack but with these, you can't. Well you can but it's a real faff. You need to unlock the box above, tip it backwards, then unlock the case in question. At that point you can release the box above back down so it locks again, but you can now open up the case you need. Then you do the whole thing in reverse when you're done. Not practical, and not something that's an issue with other modular stack ranges.

Half width attachments

When you compare this system with the Milwaukee Packout for example, the issue with this becomes obvious. Milwaukee allow you to stack your own configuration of half width and full width organisers, but you don't get the same flexibility with this. Yet.


This is our main niggle really. Not least as we had to go all the way to the USA to get them. Even when there though, we had to trawl several Lowes stores to get all the items we needed. So even then, it wasn't really straightforward. If anyone else is planning on doing the same, we can recommend Delaware as there is no sales tax there. Though it can be pretty pricy to ship everything back to the UK!

In summary...

We do have it on pretty good authority that ToughBuilt StackTech UK arrival is imminent. The UK Account Manager for ToughBuilt told us that they're hoping it could be the end of 2024, but it's not yet set in stone.

However, these guys are innovators. The positives from their ideas and products by far outweigh this small number of negatives. We can see this being an incredibly welcome and popular range in the UK once it hits our shores.

Watch the full range review here for more details.

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