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ToughBuilt StackTech accessories and tools

During our USA trip and mission to equip ourselves with the best that ToughBuilt has to offer, not only did we get as much as we could from the StackTech range, but we explored a whole range of tools we can't get here in the UK too. When it comes to ToughBuilt StackTech accessories and tools, there was no place better to explore what they had.

So we've already reviewed the StackTech system and all it has to offer, so now its the turn of all the goodies you can get to go with it. Here's another impartial roundup of what Jonathan made of his finds.

Jona's top 10 Toughbuilt StackTech accessories & tools.

ToughBuilt have pioneered this cutting-edge Cliptech system. Essentially it's a method of upgrading your case exterior functionality with clip on items like pouches, clips and totes with many speciality products to go with it. So here's what we thought were the best of the Cliptech accessories we picked up.

Our favourite Cliptech accessories

Most of our favourites on this list are really simple accessories, but therein lies the beauty! ToughBuilt StackTech accessories offer high quality solutions for overcoming simple but common problems.

5. Cable holder. This is such a massive upgrade to having a floor standing cable reel.  The telescopic bar can be used with the Cliptech system as either long on the front or shortened on side, whatever suits the job or the number of spools you have.

4. Cliptec rail. This is such a versatile bit of kit. If you've got the belt clips from the range, these can hang on the rail when not in use. Plus the totes from the StackTech cases can be taken out and clipped on the rail for easier access.

3. Cable mount accessories. As with the cable holder this can be fitted to either the side or the front of the case. It basically creates a handy cleat for winding your leads and cables neatly onto.

2. 20 oz tumbler holder. The cup that comes with it twists and locks into the holder meaning it's not going to drop out if manoeuvring over bumpy terrain. As Monster fan Jona also pointed out, it's also large enough to hold your can of energy drink if you don't have the cup.

1. Level holder. First clip the base then add the top at whatever height you need for your level and you've got an instant solution for the tool that's typically too big to go into any single box usually. 

Why we are liking these ToughBuilt StackTech accessories & tools

As someone who works with tools all the time, Jona loves small, compact, multi-function tools that can perform multiple jobs. The ToughBuilt range is just full of them. We operate with the ethos "two is one and one is none", so having redundancy for every single item to ensure you're never caught out on a job is such a huge benefit, and the ToughBuilt range of tools seems to really deliver on that.

Our favourite Toughbuilt tools...

10 PVC Saw. In clearance from Lowes and a really good deal. 45 degrees, but no speed square. It does have a measure on it which is good, and a pencil holder which is pretty innovative but we aren't sure what it adds to the product other than getting in the way a little. Comes with a lifetime warranty though which is a good bonus.

9. Open handle shears. Really comfortable and spring assisted. Can be used either left- or right-handed which is a real bonus. Sturdy and titanium. These really do have something about them which is why they've made the list.

8. 360 degree pocket level. Small, compact and easy to carry around it's a great tool. We already have one of these, but it's a Milwaukee so it should have been good, but we've always been disappointed with it. The dial is a little clunky and has a fair degree of error, so not as much precision as you might like from a tool like this. This one is similar that you can level at any angle and it's still magnetic. But the mechanism for setting the levels is slightly more accurate and the mechanism for setting it is much better than our previous version so it's definitely a small improvement versus the Milwaukee.  

7. Shockstock 20oz steel rip hammer. This looks really cool. It has a split head with a spring to remove vibration when using it, but has a much larger milled face than we've seen anywhere else, as well as the handy rip claw feature you'd expect. But this comes too with modular hammer loops which we found separately at Europe's biggest tool fair, so coupled together we really love this pairing.

Toughbuilts hammer and modular hammer loop

Moving on to some of the knives in the range...

6. Automatic reloading utility knife. This really is a bit different. It's one of many knives they do, but has an automatic reloading magazine which we thought was really quirky. Really quite an American item and possibly a bit of a novelty which is why there are higher rated blades on this list, but for innovation it's definitely worth a mention.

5. Scraper utility knife. This is now part of Jona's daily toolkit ai it's such a handy piece of kit. The tool is Interchangable by switching the orientation on the blade between a scraper or traditional blade. It and also has a pry tool at the other end, which is useful too.

4.Folding jab saw. Small, compact, and multifunction so ticks all our boxes. You can fit it with standard recip saw bits with an easy change mechanism that beats any we've seen before. Folds entirely away when not in use then just pops out when needed, a great tool to have in your kit as a backup.

3. The Sub compact Folding Utility Knife and the Pry Bar Utility Knife. ToughBuilt really do have some clever knives so we've bundled two together here as potential upgrades to our aluminium body Milwaukee Fastback knife which 'til now was our current favourite. The sub compact is a little smaller than the Fastback but is comparable in most other ways. It's got the same flick release and wire cutter feature as the Milwaukee version and has a pocket clip. The pry bar version though is about the same size as the Fastback but has a really robust pry bar and has the bonus of blade storage in the handle. Really useful.

2. Folding Pull Saw.  Another Lowe's clearance bargain. This makes the list as we've never seen one before! The blade itself is stored and protected in a geared system which pulls back on itself to form a really sturdy locked handle, leaving the flexible blade free for use. Another really novel and potentially useful item.

a selection of really innovative items from the ToughBuilt range

And our favourite item(s)!

1. The Ratchet driver + 24 Bit Grenade and the Auto Loading Multi Bit Driver. Another double header for the top spot with two related but very different tools. The Grenade can attach to your belt and has an extending steel cable pull and a neat spinning action to locate the (one of 24) bits you need. The driver which goes with it is OK too, but the stand out feature is definitely this grenade.  The Auto Loading driver though is a quick change driver. We absolutely love the concept and principle of it but the model we have here is jamming and a few small bits have come off it. Fantastic idea, but maybe the execution needs a little improvement.

even the packaging is innovative!  Demonstrating how you can switch the blade orientation

Our overall view of the ToughBuilt StackTech accessories & tools

Everything on these lists have something innovative or special about them.  We've been really impressed by a most of what we've seen from these Toughbuilt StackTech accessories and tools, and if you'd like to see the full reviews, watch here.


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