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Tool collection getting out of hand!? Here's how to organise them! - Shadow Foam

Tool collection getting out of hand!? Here's how to organise them!

…using the DeWalt tool box TSTAK system

Do you have too many tools…!? OK lets rephrase that since you can never have too many. Are all your tools in need of some organisation and protection? We have a heap of DeWalt TSTAK boxes as we think the quality is great on these. And we know they are super easy to organise using our ready made inserts. So we wanted to show you how you can use a great system like the DeWalt TSTAK boxes along with our foam inserts for boxes to achieve tool storage perfection. Here’s how you can store, protect and organise many more tools than you ever thought possible simply and cheaply either in the TSTAK or in your power tool storage box of choice.

Is this a DeWalt tool box too far? We don’t think so… they just need some organising with our foam inserts for boxes

How & why should you get your tools organised?

Ever thought about the total value of tools you have? It’s staggering. Doesn’t that deserve some protection?

Most tool boxes contain several hundred pounds worth of tools. Power tools especially can cost that alone. Then add in your batteries, chargers, accessories and hand tool collection and the value soars. That’s a lot of investment sat in even just one power tool storage box, and you need to protect that! Not just against damage, of course, but against loss.

It goes without saying that storing your tools in foam can stop them rolling around and becoming damaged. But it also makes it obvious if someone has taken something. Or, if you’re about to leave site and something is missing. How many times has something got lost and you haven’t even noticed it for a week or so? Then you’re stuck when you come to need it next! We’ve all been there. So loss prevention is a massive factor for most tool users. But we’ll come to how foam inserts can do all this for you a little later.

Why the DeWalt TSTAK box

We find that these are a really great tool box and a really great system. The boxes themselves are really robust and solid. The key feature though is that this is a modular system. That means that you can stack boxes together to give you maximum flexibility. You can then stack them on top of either the rolling trolley or the rolling toolbox. This is great as it gives you ultimate portability and ease of movement. If we compare these to, say, the Makita Makpac system these are much tougher and more durable. The metal clasps on the tool boxes are really strong, and there’s a nice positive close on the drawers. So if you are looking for a power tool storage box, you don’t really need to look much further.

…any negatives with the TSTAK?

The only issue we find with the range is the inserts that come with them. There’s no hard and fast rule that says what insert you will get with your box. There are weak, moulded plastic boxes which become brittle over time and can split or break from the slightest knock or impact. Multi tool kits often have a soft squishy foam like insert in them. These aren’t built to last and they don’t use the space in the box at all efficiently. Then there’s a polystyrene type light insert that comes with some DeWalt TSTAX boxes. Again they certainly aren’t built to last or give you any flexibility or efficiency with the layout. But, they’re in there just to contain items when the boxes are sold. They aren’t intended for long term heavy use, just short term display.

The drawers often come with little cubbies as standard which are actually fine for storage of smaller items. But if you want to use them for storing bigger items then they do come out.

Our Shadow Foam inserts for the DeWalt tool box

Our inserts slot directly into the TSTAK toolboxes, and the TSTAK drawer system. With the rigidity of these inserts you can even stack them up to give yourself layers and layers of tools. How’s that for maximum efficiency of space!? But of course you can have a single layer of tools for ease of access, whether that be hand tools or bulky power tools. The endless potential for customisation with these means they will work for pretty much everything. The idea behind these is that they are the perfect blank canvas. Unlike what comes in the case as standard, it’s not just been designed for storing the tools shorter term. They let you create the most usable layout for your needs.

Not only do the inserts look really good once you have all your tools set into them, but they make you far more organised. They inherently let you work more efficiently as everything is where you want, when you need it. And you have that visual reference whenever something isn’t where it should be so you never need to lose a tool again!

Future-proofing your tool storage.

These inserts can grow and evolve as your tools do. It’s really simple to add in new items as you go along, or as you add new tools to your collection.

Your tools are a big investment and are important, so you need to protect them, whatever your choice of power tool storage box

We look at our example here of 6 foam inserts for boxes in the DeWalt tool box range. They are holding what totals around £800 of kit. So for what equates to about £10 an insert, or put another way, just 7% of the total value of your kit, you can protect against damage and loss for many years to come. So your tools and ultimately your business is going to be protected for just a small investment in foam and time. What a great insurance policy that is!

Even if you use a different power tool storage box, chances are we will have a ready made insert to suit. And if you have something really unique or quirky, we can even show you how to create your own inserts to fit whatever tool storage system you like.


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