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the perfect display for your Scalaextric cars?

The ultimate Scalextric cars display? In a tyre!

In the quest for another epic Shadow Foam giveaway we made one of our favourite wall displays yet. This time to show off a couple of new, boxed Scalextric cars. We love turning waste into something useful, so this was going to be no different. The idea was to repurpose an old tyre and turn it into something really eye catching to grace the walls of any garage or workshop.

Shadow Foam X Scalextric

Here at Shadow Foam we have a long history with Scalextric. Back in 2021 we created a portable, giant Scalextric track which took the world of slot car racing by storm. The competitive streak in us then turned this into the Shadow Foam Grand Prix where we raced against neighbours and colleagues to really put our build to the test. Next we progressed to storage with a custom Scalextric cars storage case. Then it was time to upgrade our track to a bigger and better version early in 2023, which inevetably led to a grander version of the Grand Prix challenge too, this time at the Makers Central show in Birmingham. And now, this!

The Scalextric cars tyre display

As with anything new, this was a bit of a learning curve. But we had Scalextric versions of two cars which Colin Furze owns, and planned to get him to sign them for us. They’re the Back to the Future Delorian and Kitt the Knight Rider car. So to create an epic display, we saved a used tyre that was going to waste from our local garage. Paired with a little bit of leftover ply and some Shadow Foam, we were able to come up with a really unusual and clever display for the cars.

Check this out!

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