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The ULTIMATE Milwaukee power tool wall - Shadow Foam

The ULTIMATE Milwaukee power tool wall

We didn’t want to be outdone by the awesome Colin Furze and his epic Mikwaukee power tool walls. And we’d also been inspired by Milwaukee tools nut Milwaukee Dave and the incredible set up he has. So with thanks to Power Tool Mate who hooked us up with a huge haul of Milwaukee power tools, we got to work on creating our own power tool wall.

Why people love the Milwaukee power tool

You know we started out as Makita power tool fans. You might have seen the original and mark II power tool walls we made back in the day. Then we quickly started to amass a big number of Dewalt power tools which we also really loved. And that’s before we even start getting to all the other brands! Basically we are real tool fiends here and enjoy using a whole range of different products.

But, as demonstrated by the massive number of Milwaukee case inserts we sell here every day, it’s clear you love the Milwaukee brand. So why is that? Well the US based company have been doing what they do for almost 100 years now. And regardless of what tool you need, with a range as expansive as theirs, you can probably find it. Because their main customer base was always industrial and professional, their tools have become known as being extremely durable. They’re widely known to supply long-lasting, durable tools. Plus, if we listen to our astute customers, we hear that you think the red/black combo is pretty cool too. As do we!

Our Milwaukee haul from Powertool Mate

As you can see, this was quite the power tool haul that the Powertool Mate team hooked us up with. Lots of new toys for Jonathan to play with! But also lots of tools that needed to be organised and stored. Not only does this protect them and prevent them being damaged, but they are less likely to get lost too.

Our Milwaukee power tool haul with thanks to the guys at Powertool Mate
Our Milwaukee power tool haul with thanks to the guys at Powertool Mate

What it takes to make a power tool wall

For us we have gone with the teal colour option. We think this will really make the red tools pop, and also gives a nice reverse contrast against the Makita Power tool wall that’s next door to it. That one is teal tools in red foam, so reversing it gives it a nice complimentary contrast.

We cut two sheets (30mm and 70mm) to the size of the space. The 30mm will act as a backer, as we will be cutting right through the top layer for some of the larger items. We also need one of our trusty cutting kits so we have the right equipment to cut with and keep us safe. And then we need to plan how we want things laying out. Once you’re happy with the layout, always take a photo as a visual guide. Otherwise when you move things around you might get mixed up and make errors.

If you want more direction on how to cut and how to peel the foam then we’ve lots of videos on our Youtube Channel, and it’s always worth paying a visit to the “How To” section of our website. And if you want to add additional customisation to the project like we did with our Shadow Foam logo, you can check out our customisation guide too.

For those final finishing touches, you can do as we did and use our Foam Smoothing Spinners to really smooth out the cut areas on the base of the cuts. This will give you a real professional finish.

Mounting the tool wall

With some of the other tool walls we have made where we are storing really heavy items, we might add in additional screws to reinforce it and support the weight. But that’s not really needed here for this wall. We do use our Shadow Foam Spray Adhesive to bond the 30mm and 70mm layers together though. And additionally we have made sure that the foam panels are a really snug fit, so they sit tight and securely in the space. As with the Makita Power Tool Wall we also used a rail sitting beneath the foam panels to secure them too.

So here is the end result. Watch the full make here and let us know what you think!

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