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tech protection at it's best - our transformed camera kit

Tech protection & getting your tech organised

When it comes to the double whammy of ensuring great tech protection as well as getting your expensive tech organised, then Shadow Foam is the ideal tool.

All of us have at least some expensive technology in our lives.  Be that phones, computers, tablets, drones, video and camera kit, gaming consoles or audio kit.  And sometimes these devices can come with a lot of pricey kit and accessories too.  So why not protect our investment against loss or damage while keeping it organised in the process?

The perfect tech protection solution?

Sometimes, the tech we buy already comes with protective cases.  Also with some products you've the option to buy cases with it.  However usually, the standard solutions you can purchase are not ideally suited for your own specific needs. 

As anyone who's used a blow-moulded insert in a case for any period will testify, the packaging things come in as standard aren't usually build to last.  Tech companies after all have a vested interest in things NOT lasting you a long time so you need to buy more in future.  That's where Shadow Foam comes in.  It's totally customisable which means you get to create the optimal storage solution for your tech that works for you.  Plus it will protect your precious kit longer term.

We've all made huge financial investments in our technology of choice. So doesn't it make sense to invest a small amount of time and effort in looking after it?  This will maximise the chance of prolonging the life of your kit and hopefully save you heaps more time further down the line looking for lost or misplaced accessories.

Looking at tech projects.

We've made and seen so many different projects to organise technology in our time.  Lots of games consoles and camera equipment in particular.  During the Covid period there was an upturn in people using our product to organise their computer equipment as people started to do more working away from the office, and hybrid working.  More recently the need for protecting drones on the go has been a growing area for us too.  

But possibly the project that made the biggest difference to our own lives was organising our video and audio kit.  Oh, the times we found ourselves without a charged battery or additional lav mic when we really needed it!  And as we are increasingly filming our content out and about on location, the risk of losing and leaving behind important bits of (expensive!) kit was becoming a real worry.

So it was time to practise what we preach.  We decided to get our tech protected and organised.  We undertook a huge transformational project in order to do so.  Since making our camera case and audio bag we've benefited from recouping so much more time that was lost before.  Plus, importantly, we'll never miss that perfect filming or interview opportunity again!


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