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NERF Blaster Case

Making a NERF Blaster Case for YouTuber 'Killem'

Shadow Foam Creations Episode 26

So many businesses and individuals are looking for way to market themselves or their business, or make a name on YouTube. One of the most effective ways to get exposure is through collaborations.

The chances of a person knowing about or subscribing to two channels with very different content is small. However, if the content on each channel is so different then the less likely the mass audience is to enjoy the content of both. As a marketing technique, collaborating can be useful.

It must be said though, there is a small list of companies or influencers that would actually contribute to growth effectively.

We approached the YouTuber Killem as he has a young audience that would be interested in some of our content, such as the gaming consoles and NERF blasters. It’s important to understand the audience that you will be attracting with the collaboration. If the audience that you will gain is unlikely to enjoy your content, the collaboration will be a waste of time and resources.

The most important part of reaching out to influencers is to stand out from the crowd. We created a biscuit case with Shadow Foam to send to Colin Furze. We gave a NERF blaster in a custom case to Killem. These examples are not the only way you can get attention, however in these attempts we were successful in both regards to gain traction across YouTube and Instagram.

Creativity is the best way to grow your audience and business. If you are just like everyone else, then you will always lie within the saturated market of the online space. However, if you make yourself unique (in whatever regard you can think of) then you are considerably more likely to get attention. Do something different, if it doesn’t work, move on to the next idea and keep trying. The most important lesson is to be different.

Looking to make your own NERF Blaster Case? – Well perhaps you’d be interested in our newest product on the market. Our Shadow Foam Easy Peel has taken the market by storm – being used for Flight cases, Nerf Gun Cases and much more!

Check out the video to see what we made and the reaction from Killem.

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