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Bigger & better scalextric set and the GP mark II - Shadow Foam

Bigger & better scalextric set and the GP mark II

For generations, the Scalextric set has captured the hearts of racing enthusiasts, young and old. This iconic brand has been synonymous with exhilarating track experiences. Allowing us to unleash our inner speed demons and engage in thrilling races with friends and family. So when you add in a touch of Shadow Foam magic and a big ticket prize, you can imagine how epic the result was!

History of Scalextric

The roots of Scalextric can be traced back to the 1950s. The concept of slot car racing took the world by storm. Offering an innovative blend of model cars and electrified tracks. Scalextric quickly became a household name, captivating racing enthusiasts and introducing them to the thrill of miniature racing at home.

Shadow Foam’s Scalextric set past

You’ll remember our last epic slot car track... we had so much fun with the build and playing with it. But when it was time to break down the kit and pack into storage it was a sad day. But around the same time, we were approached by a community hall in Chipping Norton called Glyme Hall. They wanted to build their own version of our track for the 40 or so less advantaged children who used their youth hall. Well we just couldn’t not help, so off our custom made track and kit went!

Treasurer Mike Tysoe told us:
“It really is a most generous offer. We need a medium to build a track etc which would protect it. It looks like an amazing product and you have certainly built a great track”

Building the best Scalextric set for the ultimate racing experience

One of the key appeals of Scalextric sets is their ability to recreate the adrenaline-pumping sensation of real racing. The cars feature detailed designs, accurate scaling, and high-performance capabilities, enabling drivers to navigate tracks with precision and skill. The variable speed controllers allow players to control the throttle. Thereby perfecting their racing techniques and vying for the top spot on the leaderboard. The competitive spirit comes alive as friends and family engage in head-to-head races. Experience the thrill of overtaking, battling for position, and reaching the checkered flag.

But what about the scenics? How do you take the great bit of racing kit to the next level with backdrops and visual enhancements to really draw you in to feeling like you’re right there racing. That’s where Shadow Foam and a bit of creativity comes in.

Take a look at how we took our second generation scalextric set to the next level

The Shadow Foam Grand Prix mark II

This time rather than let the Shadow Foam team have all the fun with this, we decided to take it to the brilliant Makers Central 2023 show. There we planned to let our stand visitors, makers and content creators there have some fun with it. Importantly we also ran a competition with a huge prize so there was a lot at stake. The prize we are giving away is a huge Makita tool kit worth £1000. We always have a great time at the show, and if you want to see more about what we got up to there, you can watch here.

Once exception was made, with a surprise non-show entrant. We had a visit from the brilliant James from Hacksmith Industries all the way from Canada, just as we were packing to leave. So we just had to let him set a time on the track, and apart from Jonathan he was the first person to have a go on our new rig.

Once at the show, first up on the track was Shawn from Kids Invent Stuff, one of our Shadow Foam affiliates and then the makers came thick and fast after that….

Makers Leaderboard

Here’s how the other makers and content creators got on….

James – Hacksmith – 22.8
Shawn – Kids Invent Suff – 22.75
Jona – Shadowfoam – 19.18
Jamie Page – JP Woodwork – 24.68
Matt – Brothers Make – 20.45
Johnny – Brothers Make – 23.81
Joel – Integza – 20.4
Sam – Look mum no computer – 21.58
Mark – Peach Tree Crafting – 23.15
Claire – Claire’s Crafty Corner – 29.65
Ruth Amos – Kids Invent Stuff – 22.86
Matt Denton – 23.06
Colin Furze – 19.19

Our winner over the course of the day was lucky Tom Lamb who, as luck would have it, is already a Makita fan. Tom was thrilled with his win and told us he would “be using these tools ALL the time” – congratulations Tom that was a well deserved win with an incredible time of 18 seconds!

The Scalextric set continues to captivate racing enthusiasts, providing a thrilling and immersive experience in the comfort of our own homes. With their rich history, detailed cars, realistic tracks, and digital advancements, Scalextric sets have earned their place as a cherished icon of racing culture. So, isn’t it time you pimped your scenics in a flexible and fun way with the addition of some Shadow Foam? Unleash your inner racer, grab your controllers, and prepare for high-speed excitement with a Scalextric set that promises hours of joy, laughter, and unforgettable racing memories.

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