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ToughBuilt StackTech: Get The Inside Scoop

We have been testing the ToughBuilt StackTech tool boxes and accessories.  Here we bring you our opinions and thoughts on their design, features and range.


About ToughBuilt 

ToughBuilt design and manufacture innovative tools, accessories, and work gear for construction professionals, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts. The company was founded in 2012. Their mission, to create products that enhance productivity, efficiency, and safety on job sites.

With this system, it seems like their research and development team have taken the best features from all their competitors ranges and sought to bring improvement to them. With an emphasis on durability and functionality, combined with their commitment to innovation and quality, does their StackTech range live up to the hype and to the demands of daily use? Let's see...

More on the ToughBuilt StackTech 

The ToughBuilt StackTech system is designed to offer features which enhance organization, efficiency, and durability. So far then, we are very much on the same page since Shadow Foam's purpose is the very same. They claim that some of the standout features of the range include:

  • Modular design
  • Interlocking system
  • Configuration versatility
  • Durability
  • Portability

Looking good on paper then, but how did these features work out for us in the flesh?

Modular design, interlocking and versatility

The ease with which the modules within the StackTech system connect together is unprecedented. It was joyfully effortless to attach the cases and organizers to each other. There's an automatic spring-loaded grab to give you a very satisfying lock and one of the best locking system's we've come across. 

The self-settle feature takes little more than a gentle nudge from the user to site the case for attaching. One flaw in their otherwise slick modulation formula though is that it's not possible to attach the full-width cases on top of the half-width ones.  But they will work vice-versa so this shouldn't cause an issue for most.

A very neat feature that we really like is the slightly raised edges on the tool box lids. These create a nice surface to capture tools you want to lay on there whilst in use.

Their external attachment system is, in our opinion, way superior to many others on the market. Possibly the most surprising feature of this, is how the tool boxes are stackable in either direction. The cases of course open from the front but the capability of being able to stack them facing either forwards or backwards is something that could be handy for some.


We haven't yet used the ToughBuilt StackTech on a daily basis. However you can tell just from the feel of them that these have been designed with durability in mind. We of course shipped them from the US to the UK since they aren't presently available over here, and they held up just fine on their long journey.  While we've been using them they've felt really robust and many of the feature's we're discovering have a real quality feel to them.


All the full-width cases and organizers have handles on the front, suitcase-style, along with two side handles. The omission of handles on top may be off-putting for some, and actually the handles on the sides seem a little unnecessary as the ledges on the sides are ample for vertical lifting if you prefer that. If, however you need to pull a case out of a cargo bed or out of your vehicle, then that's when the side handles could come into their own.

A key factor fur us when considering portability though is weight. And this heavy-duty system comes with an equally heavy weight to it which could be prohibitive to many. Could this be off-set by the numerous mobility options promised by ToughBuilt? Perhaps.

What cases are available in the range?

The range is growing all the time, but at point of reviewing these are the items we have:

  • Compact tool box
  • Small tool box
  • Large tool box
  • Rolling tool box
  • Compact organizer
  • Organizer
  • Drawers
  • Crate
  • 16" tool bag
  • 18" tool bag

The rolling tool box

A big plus for us is that the lid stays open even if knocked. And more impressively when the handle is extended. Also good is that you can totally remove the handle if it helps for transportation or storage reasons too. The removal is actually really quick and easy too.

The wheels are large, tough all-terrain wheels so moving the case around on any surface should be no problem.

The other tool boxes

In general, irrespective of size, they always feel generous with space. They are easy to open and close. Where trays, dividers or totes are included, these are removable. This allows for optimal customization and/or the addition of Shadow Foam inserts for optimum customization. The larger boxes seem to be lacking a vertical tool storage caddy or organizer which some might find handy.

The crate

Again no space wastage with this. Plus no internal dividers means it really can benefit from the addition of Shadow Foam to be able to bring order and organization to it. The handles are easy to grip and it feels really strong.


So next, about the ToughBuilt StackTech drawers. We have the three drawer unit, but many other variations are becoming available too. With single drawer tool boxes in medium, large, XL, and rolling XL sizes, and XL drawers also in two, three, and four drawer configurations there will literally be an option to suit everyone. Unlike the rest of the range, these don't appear to be IP65 rated. Importantly for drawers too they have a high weight loading capacity. The only thing we seem to be missing is a drawer locking system which some people might miss as a feature. Though maybe a retro fit accessory or solution might come further down the line as the steel accessories bar on the edges seems perfectly sited for this purpose.

The organisers

These are perhaps the less exciting modules in the range. The marketing stickers on the lids are really hard to remove. Additionally, the functionality of the removable compartments isn't what it could be. On the compact module too, the closure on the lid didn't feel as secure as it does on their other cases either. This is possibly down to being a shallow case, and therefore having different latches for the lid and for the stack mechanism. It's so precariously closed that we feel there is a risk of it coming open if you inadvertently knock it while in use, so the compact organizer is probably the weakest link in this otherwise very strong chain. 

The bags

Featuring the same StackTech connectivity as the rest of the range, this feels typically durable and functional, though there is no inherent ClipTech attachment on these items which could be an issue for some.

The ToughBuilt StackTech overall

We've worked with a lot of different tool brands and tool systems over the years, but the ToughBuilt StackTech is up there with the best of the best modular systems, for us.

It's expected at some point this year, we'll see an addition of yet modular drawers to the range which will be extended to around seven different variations. This will be the icing on the cake in terms of offering maximum versatility in the configuration options. Also imminent are the four-wheel cart and convertible hand truck which will help off-set some of the cumbersome weightiness off the kit.  

But even with the range as it presently is, we're totally sold on the system which, with only one or two exceptions has impressed at most levels. Plus the range of accessories and tools to go with it is extensive and very impressive too. We have it on reasonably good authority that we should see these solutions hitting our shores later in 2024 as part of the planned ToughBuilt StackTech UK arrival

Of course, as you'd expect, Shadow Foam will be bringing you all the inserts, tools and guidance you need too, on how to organise your ToughBuilt StackTech.  So, let's see what new developments the year ahead brings in this incredible ToughBuilt StackTech range!

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