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Klein Modbox modular tool storage system

Everything you need to know about the Klein MODbox storage range

We all know the benefits of working with a mobile tool storage solution. There are no end of modular tool case systems on the market now to allow us all to store, organise and transport our kit in a tough, protected case. So where does the Klein MODbox system fit with that? Well, since we were lucky enough to snap one up on our recent trip to the States, we're about to find out!

Who are Klein Tools

They're a well-known manufacturer of hand tools and occupational protective equipment, primarily serving professionals in the electrical, construction, and telecommunications industries. Founded in 1857 by Matthias Klein in Chicago, Illinois, the company has a long history of producing high-quality tools. They've  built a reputation for durability, reliability, and innovation in tool design.  

An overview of the Klein MODbox

Fair to say these are easier to come across in the US than here in the UK, but we are pretty pleased with the haul we bought over there. Klein's intent was to create a one-stop "mobile workstation" with as many variants as you need to create your own custom stack. As with other modular systems these connect together to form your stack. These have grooves on the tops and bottoms of the cases which allow them to hook together a little like sticking Lego bricks together. Though perhaps whilst looking a little less Lego-like than, say, the Ryobi cases.

The locking mechanism is essentially a small latch at the bottom of each container which you can flip with your fingers to release the case from the stack when needed. As we've seen in other modular systems, most impressively perhaps the ToughBuilt StackTech range, these cases also feature side rails for the attaching of accessories.

As you'd expect they're in the brand orange and black colours, so won't easily be lost on site. And they're manufactured using durable, impact-resistant polymers.  In much of the range the lids feature rulers too which could be handy for quick reference, plus grooves for conduit or parts you don't want rolling away.

What's in the Klein MODbox range

As you'd imagine, once you step into Klein's "Builderverse" you're greeted with seemingly no end of cases and accessories, so to get exactly what you need, it's well worth exploring the full catalogue. However, for us some of the more notable items include:

Rolling toolbox

We're impressed with any trolley which has really big, tough wheels. So in that respect the Rolling Toolbox didn't disappoint. It's 10" rubber wheels seem tough enough to tackle most levels of terrain you'd come across. As you'd expect the telescopic handle will extend to 44" at full, but is also removable to help stow your case in tighter spaces when needed. Significantly, they claim that theirs is the lowest profile option on the market, at 15.5" once that handle is removed, therefore it should fit in most car boots or flat beds.

Klein MODbox tool box

As you'd expect these come in a range of sizes and can all be snapped on to your stack in whatever order you prefer. The smaller cases have the front-only briefcase-style handle but the medium case comes with a super handy top handle which collapses and clicks securely away for when you're stacking other cases on top. Makes sense to better distribute the weight when carrying a potentially heavier box.  

This same medium box also comes with a quirky headlamp mounting cleat in the lid which was a more unusual feature.

Klein MODbox Organisers

No modular system is complete now without a selection of organisers, or Component Boxes as they're known in the USA. We've both a full- and half-width variant of these, and as you'd expect they've got the clear lids so you can view contents easily

Klein MODbox Drawers

Now these are a new, and very welcome addition to the range. But they were so new, we weren't able to lay our hands on any yet. But with a three-drawer, two-drawer and single deep-draw variant, these are likely to be flying off the shelves as MODbox fans snap them up.

One feature we found lacking in the ToughBuilt StackTech drawer was the lack of locking mechanism, but Klein have this sorted with their locking bar system which will nest neatly in the base of the unit when in use, allowing you to secure the drawers easily. The drawers seem to be smooth-gliding and have a reinforced channel on the base to prevent sag when loaded.

The rest of the range

As we've come to expect of these systems the range also extends to tool bags, totes, and backpacks for those with a preference for soft cases. As an added bonus though, if you do get tired of hauling them around, all three incorporate the same MODbox groove technology, allowing you to build them onto your existing stack if you prefer.

Klein MODbox Review

We're set to create some custom fit inserts that will help you organise these cases very soon, launching Spring 2024. As part of that process we'll be using these cases in anger so we can really drill down into the good, the bad and the downright brilliant about the whole range. We buy these cases ourselves and aren't sponsored to only offer the best features, so you can rely on our overview being transparent and honest. So keep an eye on our Youtube Channel and we'll bring you everything you need to know on the range really soon.

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