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Organizzazione domestica | Organizzarsi a casa.

When it comes to home organisation there are few tools more versatile than Shadow Foam.   We have seen and made many projects that help you take life at home to new levels of organised perfection.  Whether your aim is to get the kids more organised, or to make life easier for other family members, we can help.

Why home organisation is important

More and more of us are getting busier.  When you have to juggle work, family and hobbies, sometimes it seems there's just not enough time in the day. That's where getting organised comes in.  By spending a small amount of time now getting your home more organised, you will save a lot of time in the future.  

We've all heard the phrase "tidy life, tidy mind" and that really is true.  By not having to worry about finding things or things becoming lost or broken, you've more time to do the things you love. home organisation

Using Shadow Foam in the home

OK so we all know Shadow Foam is great in the garage shed or workshop.  You've all seen how effective it is at organising your tools, wherever they may be.  But the possibilities are endless.

During our time, we've seen so many great applications of our product.  Most movingly in the homes of those with visual impairments, or for those living with dementia.  Having everything in it's place makes things a lot easier for sufferers to find.

We've also all experienced how much the gear from hobbies can take over our lives.  It could be slot car racing, D&D, chess sets or gaming consoles.  All these precious items can really benefit from being protected and organised with Shadow Foam.

Never is this more true than with real lifestyle pursuits like archery or Airsoft.  These pastimes come with a lot of kit, and it's often not cheap!  Therefore why take any risk.  Shadow Foam not only organises any unsightly gear, but protects it too. home organisation

Proper preparation

Always allow yourself time and space for any home organisation project.  A little time spent now will reap huge dividends in the future.  Plan what you need to do, then ensure you have all the right tools you need to tackle the job at hand before getting started.

Think outside the box with home organisation

Short of space?  Then have a think about utilising wall space where you can even make a feature of items like collections or passion projects.  We've made some amazing wall storage ideas and seen many more inspired creations from our customers.

Layers can offer space saving benefits too when it comes to home organisation.  Storing items in layers of foam with the most frequently used on top is an efficient way of maximising space with a smaller footprint.


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