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Milwaukee Tool Organiser

Are you looking to organise your Milwaukee toolbox? We don't blame you. Having one too many tools in your Milwaukee toolbox makes finding specific tools a time-consuming and frustrating process, especially when under time pressure. Not to mention that your tools are much more prone to damage during transit when they aren't kept at a safe distance from each other.

Fortunately, all that ends today. Since 2012, we've been offering contractors, DIY-ers, and virtually anyone who wants to take the organisation of their Milwaukee toolbox to the next level a one-of-a-kind solution; inserts made from 100% polyethylene specifically designed for their Milwaukee toolbox.

The Shadow Foam Milwaukee tool organiser offers the ease of use of a pick 'n' pluck foam with the strength and quality of an expensive CNC foam liner. If you'd like to find out more about the unique benefits of using Shadow Foam inserts, keep on reading below.

One Of a Kind Cut and Peel Milwaukee Tool Organiser

There isn't a product on the market quite like ours. That's why when our customers try Shadow Foam for the first time, they never go back to buying trays, dividers, slots, or any other type of compartment that is most typically used. Here are some of the benefits of using Shadow Foam to organise your Milwaukee toolbox.

Organise The Layout of Your Tools

When using Shadow Foam, you are free to decide on the exact layout of your tools inside your toolbox. This will not only give you easy access to your tools and save you a ton of time when looking for a specific piece of equipment but also help you organise your tools in a way that works best for you. What's more, is that creating your tool's layout is very quick and easy. Simply cut and peel.

Extremely Easy to Maintain & Keep Clean

With time, toolboxes start to look dirty and gross, and the same goes for the tools that are being stored inside them. Thanks to Shadow Foam and its one-of-a-kind design, keeping your Milwaukee toolbox and the tools inside clean is very easy. All you need to do is remove your tools for their allocated slots and wipe off any buildup of dust and debris - that's it.

Keep Your Tools Protected At All Times

The average Milwaukee packout is known for offering a durable modular storage system with a metal-reinforced locking point. And while this storage system is fully capable of keeping your tools protected from the outside, it won't do much if your tools are all over the place on the inside. The same goes even if you use quick adjust dividers, mountable bins, or any other type of storage totes to keep your tools somewhat more organised.

When using Shadow Foam inserts, each of your tools - be it power tools or hammers, files, screwdrivers, or any other type of tool, will all have their place in your toolbox. As a result, they will be significantly less prone to damage, allowing you to use them for longer.

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UV, Water, and Common Chemical Resistant

One of the unique benefits of polyethylene, which is what our Milwaukee toolbox inserts are made out of, is its ability to resist water, UV, and common chemicals. As a result, our inserts provide users with the ability to use their tools in various weather conditions, without their organisers losing their strength, look, or feel over time.

It's Completely Odourless and HCFC-free

Shadow Foam inserts are not only environmentally friendly, but they're also completely odourless. That's largely because our product is free from HCFC, which stands for halogenated chlorofluorocarbons. Or in most simple terms, it's a class of chemical compounds, which were used in the past but are now avoided due to the negative impact they have on our environment (the ozone layer in particular).

Affordable Yet Strong & Durable

High-quality Milwaukee tool chest organisers that actually have the ability to keep your tools protected are expensive. That's not a secret for anybody. But what if we told you that Shadow Foam can provide you with the strength and durability of a CNC foam liner at a fraction of the cost?

That's right - you no longer have to spend hundreds of pounds on heavy-duty storage compartments to safely store your wide assortment of tools. Instead, use Shadow Foam - the better, far more flexible, and affordable alternative for keeping your tool kit and accessories protected when doing a job - be it for yourself or for a customer.

Suitable for All Professionals & DIY-ers

Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY fan, if you own a Milwaukee packout modular storage system or a standard toolbox, you can benefit from the Shadow Foam inserts. The truth is that nobody wants their tools and equipment to go to waste after a short while. However, that's exactly what's happening to thousands of people who own Milwaukee toolboxes right this moment.

The lack of organisation inside your Milwaukee toolbox will make all of your tools rub and grind against each other, causing them to deteriorate faster. This will only make owning a set of tools more expensive as you'll need to replace them more often.

So, take a look on this page and see if we have the Shadow Foam insert for your specific Milwaukee toolbox and try our inserts. Thousands of people already have. Or, if you're not quite ready to commit just yet, order a Shadow Foam sample so you can get a feel for what our product is all about before making the final decision.


While we do have organisers for the most widely available Milwaukee toolboxes, we don't offer organisers for all of them. The reason for that is because there are simply far too many models of Milwaukee toolboxes on the market, making it impossible to make organisers for every one of them.

That said, we do have standard Shadow Foam sheets, which you can easily (and very precisely) cut down to the exact shape of your Milwaukee toolbox. We have a dedicated video on our YouTube channel, which will show you how to do it quickly, easily, and very neatly.

Every single Milwaukee tool chest organiser sold through Shadow Foam is made from 100% polyethylene. This type of material is extremely versatile and lightweight. It's known for its buoyant properties, excellent insulation, and shock-absorbing nature.

Not only that, but polyethylene is also resistant to UV, water, and common chemicals. And last but certainly not least, polyethylene foam is not only extremely easy to use (simply cut and peel), but it's also very easy to maintain and keep clean. There are many benefits to using polyethylene and very few drawbacks, if any - hence why our sheets and inserts are made 100% of this material.

We have Milwaukee tool box organisers that are both 30mm and 50mm in depth. The depth of the sheet or Milwaukee insert you should choose will depend on your toolbox and the tools that you plan on storing in it.

At Shadow Foam, we allow our customers to return their Shadow Foam organisers within 30 days of receiving their order. Please note that refunds are not available for custom-sized foam.

For your order to be eligible for a refund, the product must be in exactly the same condition as it was received, with the tags, completely unused, and in its original packaging. When requesting a refund, we will also need the receipt or proof of purchase.

To request a refund, please contact us Please note that all returns are to be sent to: Shadow Foam, Unit 34-36, Cosgrove Business Park, Road Two, Anderton, Northwich CW9 6FY, United Kingdom. To read our full refund policy, please head over to our return policy page.

Every Milwaukee toolbox has a model name or number. So, when you go through all the Milwaukee inserts on this page, look for an insert that is made specifically for the toolbox that you have.

Another approach you can take is to read the exact product description of the toolbox that you have and reference it with the size of the Milwaukee inserts that we have. Please note that while we've done our best to offer inserts for most models of Milwaukee toolboxes, we don't offer inserts for all of them.

If we don't have an insert for your particular toolbox, that's not a problem. We do offer standard foam sheets, which you can cut up to precisely fit your specific model of Milwaukee toolbox. And don't worry - it will look just as neat.

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