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Perfect Sewing Box Organisation - Shadow Foam

Perfect Sewing Box Organisation

Shadow Foam Creations Episode 3

A Fantastic Way to Organise your Sewing Box

There’s nothing better than an organised sewing box. We made an amazing way to keep everything in your new sewing box organiser, and colourful! We used pink Shadow Foam to maintain the colour theme throughout the box and give it a bright vivid look on the inside. Cutting your sewing kit into foam is super easy.

Organising a sewing kit can be difficult. The problem often lies in the dividers, when the box is moved everything inside can also move. With Shadow Foam, everything stays in it’s place. Always. Shadow Foam is a great way to organise not only your sewing kit, but a huge array of box. Don’t believe us? See what other people have used Shadow Foam for.

Our Sewing Box Organiser was created from our Shadow Foam Original – However if you’re interested in this and want something super easy as a beginner, our Shadow Foam Easy Peel may be perfect for you.

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