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Toughbuilt StackTech XL 3 drawer tool box

About the ToughBuilt StackTech drawers

ToughBuilt state that their name is a promise, and their products are the proof.  We have so far been pretty impressed with the tools, accessories and StackTech containers we've looked at.  But do the Toughbuilt StackTech drawers also live up to the hype?

About StackTech

ToughBuilt have been wowing tool users since 2012 with their range of innovative products. More recently the fans have been excited to welcome the StackTech tool storage range too.

As arrival of the system onto UK shores is imminent, we had to take a trip to the USA to equip ourselves with the best that the ToughBuilt StackTech range has to offer. Though we hear on good authority that it will be landing here too towards the end of 2025.

According to ToughBuilt, StackTech is the world's most intuitive modular storage solution. Offering unrivalled functionality through it's effortless stacking, extensive product range, exceptional durability and a ground-breaking transportation system. Which, they also say, sets a new standard in the industry.

The range of cases, organisers, totes and accessories is indeed vast.  We've looked at them in quite some detail on other posts. Weighing up the great and the not-so-good features we've found with them so far. So today we are focusing specifically on the drawers to see just why everyone has been getting so excited about them.

Options of ToughBuilt StackTech drawers

Let's start with what's available. As at Spring 2024 in terms of drawers, you can get the XL 3 drawer tool box and the 1 drawer tool box with an impressive internal size of 15.1″ x 13″ x 4.5". But it's not stopping there.

The XL 3 drawer tool box

Coming in Summer 2024 to the drawer range will be the hotly anticipated rolling drawer box. This is widely thought will be the first of it's kind so we can't wait to see that. Additionally, the XL 4 drawer tool box and XL 2 drawer tool box will be welcome additions to the range.  

Plus if you though thought the dimensions of the existing 1 drawer toolbox was impressive, then the Large and XL 1 drawer versions will blow your mind. Again, according to ToughBuilt, these are due from around Summer 2024.

Features of the ToughBuilt StackTech drawers

Of course these are modular and have the same fantastic siting and locking mechanism as the other StackTech products have. So configuring your StackTech to include drawers is super straightforward as you'd expect.

One slight niggle, unlike the other items in the StackTech range, these aren't stamped with an IP65 rating. That would have been a really beneficial feature given our Great British weather usually. Importantly for drawers though, they have a high weight loading capacity. So you shouldn't have to worry too much about over-loading them. Especially once locked into the stack with more weight supporting them.

You can also fully extend the drawer which is very important for accessing those pesky items hiding in the back. From our perspective too this really allows you to maximise the usable space in the drawer, with no redundant or unusable areas.

The only other thin that seems to be missing from these is a drawer locking system which some people might miss as a feature. Though maybe a retro fit accessory or solution might come further down the line as the steel accessories bar on the edges seems perfectly sited for this purpose.

Organising your StackTech drawers

As you'd expect from us by now, we're all over this and have designed custom fit inserts for the whole range, including the ToughBuilt StackTech drawers. These fit snugly into the drawer to allow you to apply impeccable tool control measures and never leave a tool on site again. You should see these coming to market in Spring 2024.

Of course we've still a short time to wait 'til we can lay our hands on these in the UK. But in the meantime, if you'd like to see our full, unbiased review of the drawers, cases, tools and accessories, watch on:


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