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Making a DIY Dewalt battery charger case - Shadow Foam

Making a DIY Dewalt battery charger case

We all know that the Dewalt ToughSystem battery cases have been a little tough to get hold of, and quite expensive when you do. So we’ve come up with a much more cost-effective, DIY solution. Introducing the Dewalt battery charger case, Shadow Foam style. Using a Deep Pro Organiser.

A portable charging solution

Of course we totally love the Dewalt battery charger case, but sometimes, we just need an alternative. This is a cost-effective, alternative to give you a brilliant portable charging and battery set up. Using the Pro Organiser coupled with ready made Shadow Foam inserts we have planned our ultimate set up.

We have a 6 x 2 amp hour batteries and 4 x 5 amp ones, along with a couple of chargers and a power block, and from this we were able to create our portable solution. You could obviously take inspiration and adapt this to suit your own needs. Whatever case you have, or whatever size your batteries you can find a way of making your own charger case with this method.

Check out our guide on how it’s done, and let us know if this inspires you to use our Dewalt toolbox organisers!

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