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WINNER - Best Technical Foam Product 2022 - Shadow Foam

WINNER - Best Technical Foam Product 2022

We’ve done it again. This time in the Global Excellence Awards where we took the title of Best Technical Foam Product 2022. The AI Journal’s Global Excellence Awards is a programme that recognises best practices, best use cases, and high-performing teams and individuals from companies of all sizes around the world. Pick and Pluck Foam


By entering the Global Excellence Awards, our business, product and projects get reviewed by industry professionals. So you can imagine how buzzing we were to receive the news.

This is our first award from the Global Excellence Awards, and we couldn’t be happier. It’s also great recognition of the years of research and development that we’ve put into our product for it to be recognised as the Best Technical Foam Product. pick and pluck foam

How we came to be here pick and pluck foam

With a background in engineering, back in 2012 MD Jonathan Shone identified that there was a gap in the market. He was looking for a product for tool control but was unable to find it cost-effectively and easily. He realised that the same levels of tool control enjoyed by engineering and aviation industries could hugely benefit many other areas of life – both professional and at home. If only there was a more accessible, affordable product.

Then came years of design, research and looking to develop the perfect foam. The nearest thing on the market was Pick and Pluck foam, but it didn’t offer the strength and longevity that most people needed. Eventually, came our Shadow Foam original. It was a great product and worked well for many years, other than it needed some skill to work with, and it wasn’t a sustainable product and couldn’t be recycled after use. But all the while Jonathan and his team were working on something new, something revolutionary. And that’s when Shadow Foam as we now all know and love it, came to be born. TECHNICAL FOAM

What makes Shadow Foam different

Shadow Foam is a multi-layered polyethylene foam that makes organisation as simple as cut and peel. Use any sharp knife to cut around your item, though we of course recommend the famous Shadow Foam scalpel for the utmost precision. Then peel back the foam until you reach the depth required for the item in question.

Whereby there have been expensive tool control measures around for many years, Shadow Foam was the first to bring it to the mass market. A product you can customise at home rather than having to employ expensive and specialist machining. And the laters and easier method of cutting and peeling was key to that.

The vibrancy of the colours was a new thing too, since many tool control options had previously only been available in bland greys and blacks. It is available in seven colour variations and enhanced with a UV stabiliser to ensure the colour never fades. For many this is all about aesthetics, but for some it’s so much more. When it comes to Kaizen, 5S, Lean and tool control, the pop of colour serves many more functions. Take a look at this tool control project we did for Morrisons to get an idea. pick and pluck foam

Best technical foam

So there it is, as voted for by the panel of the Global Excellence Awards. If you are looking for a technical foam product that has strength, resilience and is simple to use, try Shadow Foam. For anyone looking for a stronger and better looking alternative to pick and pluck form, you need look no further. Give our award winning foam a try.


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