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Why people love Festool

Brand loyalty is always important to tool lovers. And we find few more passionate fans of their brand than Festool users. Here's what we think, as we take a closer look at the range and at how it can help deliver the perfect organised tool storage system for any toolie.

About Festool

Festool is a manufacturer of hand-held power tools, and are a subsidiary of TTS Tooltech Systems. The company was originally founded back in 1925 and is based out of Wuerttemberg in Germany. They're considered a premium brand in woodworking power tools, dust extraction systems and also painting and decorating products.

They've become renowned for producing high-quality tools and equipment. Their products are durable and built to last, which is appealing to both professionals and hobbyists who want tools that can withstand heavy use. Woodworkers, carpenters, and other tradespeople really seem to appreciate the attention to detail and the fine craftsmanship that these tools enable.

Our verdict

We haven't really been big Festool users ourselves. But we've worked a lot with their Systainer and Sortainer range of tool storage solutions. Also our good friends at Atkinsons of Cheshire set us a task of getting all their Festool kit organised some time ago which was quite the challenge. But did give us a great insight into use of the range and the quality of the items, so watch it here.

What we love about the range is that Festool have applied a very systematic approach to the product design of their containers. This also seems to be reflected in the tools and accessories which are designed to work seamlessly together. This means that users can build a complete system that enhances efficiency and productivity.

The Systainer and Sortainer ranges

These are a modular storage and organisation system available in a whole range of different sizes, designed to offer a whole host of benefits to users. Systainers are the "tool box" variant and Sortainers refers to the modular drawers. The drawers and boxes can all be used and stacked together efficiently.  This is because they have cunningly been built with a standardised form factor. So they can easily be stacked in the best configuration to suit you. We love anything where the modularity allows users to create storage customised to their own needs. But modular storage systems are now pretty common amongst tool brands with people like DeWalt, Milwaukee and Magnusson to name just a few all having modular solutions. So what makes the Systainer and Sortainer ranges so popular?

People seem to love the latch and locking mechanism with a secure solution that keeps the contents safe. These also prevent accidental opening during transportation. The containers also seem really stable when stacked on top of each other. Their ergonomic handles are a big plus too. Anything that makes heavier items easy to carry is a big plus in our book.

Something that really appeals to our love of all things visual management is the labelling system, with the slots front and top for easy identification of what's in each case without having to open it.

Take your Festool storage to the next level

Of course if you really want to up your tool organisation game, then Shadow Foam is the perfect solution. Not only does it protect your equipment in transit and display it impeccably saving you time on the job. But it also saves money in the longer term too. That's because the tool control it delivers massively reduces the risk of losing your expensive tools.

Check out our range of ready made foam inserts for the Festool range here. See for yourself how you can achieve exemplary levels of tool control using Shadow Foam.


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