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The ultimate guitar tools storage box

About Crimson Guitars

Crimson Guitars, based in a customised factory in Dorset, is the premier UK manufacturer of both production and bespoke guitars to the highest of standards. They also make a full range of all the guitar tools and accessories a budding luthier (guitar builder) could want in their journey of sawdust and music. They are continuously improving on and adding to their coveted custom designs.

In their aim for perfection, they’ve grown into the largest guitar building school in the world. Hosting up to 500 local and international students each year in purpose designed in house guitar making courses. Their range of courses run from 2 days long to 3 whole months. This is soon to be accompanied by a museum which is in progress as we speak.

The Project

In this, the first of two projects we are working on for guitar builder extraordinaire Ben Crowe, we were focusing on the students. Ben wants each of them to have a complete tool kit containing everything they could possibly need for their build. This will make life easier for them, having everything they need to hand. But equally for Ben, he will easily be able to see if anything hasn’t been returned to it’s place at the end of each day. As he pointed out, the guitar tools cases we are making here for the students are the same as any guitar tech for any musician in the world would take on tour with them.

What was needed

Lots of Shadow Foam, of course. For this project we tool lots of our medium sheets with us in different depths to ensure we’d have all we needed. We are going to be putting the foam and tools in Sealey AP547 cases. These are ideal for purpose, with 2 thin drawers and one large deep section on top. So these should be just the right size for each student’s kit. We also of course have our own cutting equipment to keep us safe when working. Plus our stencil kits to help us at the end. We use these for cutting finger pulls into the foam for ease of getting items out.

How did it go?

You can watch here how the project went and what Crimson owner Ben thought of the result. But we were pretty pleased with it. Look out for some useful little hacks in this video. Things like cutting items in on their side for maximising space. Plus double layering foam to achieve greater depth for larger items. Also using tins or tubs for storing tiny or fiddly items. Also watch out for another big project for Ben coming up soon!

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