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The ultimate DeWalt tool bag upgrade - Shadow Foam

The ultimate DeWalt tool bag upgrade

We’re a look a how you can transform an unorganised tool bag set up quickly and cost-effectively. We looked at trading a Dewalt tool bag for a couple of portable ToughSystem cases as a portable, efficient option. Using our custom made tool box organiser inserts for the cases really took our tool storage to the next level.

Bags versus cases

Both can offer you portability, but what we’ve found with the bags in the past they can be difficult to organise. And what this means for you is time wasted spent looking for tools. Also there’s no visual reference in there if something’s missing – either lost or left behind. For delicate or expensive items they also don’t offer much protection for those items, often things are rattling around in the bag getting damaged. That’s not least why for this project we’re going to transfer all the items from our Dewalt bag into a Shadow Foam tool box organiser inserts inside ToughSystem cases instead.

tools can rattle around a tool bag in a less organised way than in a case

What tools are we transferring

A real mixed bag… something that reflects a lot of people’s tool bags. A mix of power tools and hand tools along with 2-3 batteries for the power tools too. In this case it’s DeWalt tools, so we like to keep the look nice and consistent by using our black and yellow inserts that perfectly compliment the branding of the Dewalt cases and tools.

a selection of hand tools and power tools just primed ready to put into a tool box organiser
these tools just are crying out for a tidy tool box organiser!

What do I need for the tool box organiser project

Once you have your tool box of choice, and the corresponding foam insert to fit it, you’re nearly there. Plan the layout you want your tools to have, and ensure you have the right cutting and safety equipment for the project at hand. You can get these from the Shadow Foam extras store.

We have so many guides for different types of projects on our Youtube channel. As well as lots of useful “How to” guides on the Shadow Foam website. These are the best way of getting comfortable with the best methods and ways of working with the product. We’d very much recommend a little short watching before you get started with your own project.

How it went.

We are really happy with how this tool box organiser project went. It’s a massive improvement versus the original rattly bag we had.

You can watch the full project here, and tell us what you think!


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