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The ultimate accessory for Prime hydration drink

It’s the brand of the moment. But Prime are now so much more than just the Prime hydration drink range that we introduced you to last time. So it’s time for a whole new project and exciting giveaway. And if you aren’t a lucky winner, then this gives you all you need to be able to create your own ultimate Prime accessory. Another Ikea Hack – this time a Prime display case using our toolbox organiser foam.

About Prime Hydration drink

Prime Hydration is collaboratively backed by Youtube sensations KSI and Logan Paul, and therein lies much of it’s popularity, especially among kids. Prime Hydration apparently contains 10 per cent coconut water, electrolytes and B vitamins and BCAAs and has zero sugar or caffeine and only around 20 calories per bottle according to it’s manufacturers. But does it live up to the hype? Have a watch of our last video where we taste tested all the prime hydration drink range to find out

Our latest project will also include a flavour that was missing when we did this original video. Strawberry watermelon was pretty hard for us to get hold of! But many of you mentioned it so we knew we had to get our hands on some for this project. Plus excitingly, the newer energy drinks too.

We also did our big giveaway in this video too with lots of these custom boards going out to lucky winners. 4 sets of our original style plus one mega frame with all the Prime Energy in it as well as the original Prime hydration drink options.

Want to know how to make this for yourself…? It’s easy! Watch how here:


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