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Super One Karting organise their invigilator roll cabs - Shadow Foam

Super One Karting organise their invigilator roll cabs

Super One is entering its 35th year as the number one UK Kart championship, and it was time to get their Invigilator roll cabs sorted out. They have been the nursery of so many top line professional motor racing drivers, including David Coulthard, Jason Plato, Dario Franchitti, Daniel Wheldon, Anthony Davidson and of course the dream team of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. The Problem As the premier UK Karting Championship, Super One strive to ensure quality racing on a level playing field. They currently use four invigilators to split down competitor engines at the start of a race to make sure all engines match racing spec. Having all their tools to hand and fully organised had become a major issue. Transporting four roll cabs around the UK meant that tools were moving around and when they arrived it would take valuable time for the invigilators to sort out before they could start work. The Solution Super one decided to look around for a tool organisation solution but struggled to find something that was adaptable to their needs. That was until they discovered Shadow Foam. John Hoyle, Super One Director comments "We have Shadow Foam in the four roll cabinets we take around the country during the series. Not only does it stop everything moving around when in transit, but it also makes our toolbox checks at the end of each race weekend a breeze. Being able to add more tools into the foam liners at any time is also a bonus, as we require extra specialist tooling from time to time." Check out the pictures below to see how good a roll cab can look! Check out this video to see how easy it is to get organised with Shadow Foam.
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