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Sneak Energy Wall - a storage wall for collectors - Shadow Foam

Sneak Energy Wall - a storage wall for collectors

If you’re not familiar with Sneak Energy this is a sugar free energy drink brand that we have been enjoying here at Shadow Foam for a while. But what we’re showcasing today is a solution for collectors of absolutely anything. Whatever you collect and display can be organised to brilliant effect in this way using our wall display idea.

So what is Sneak Energy

Sneak is a sugar free energy drink, and they are based not far from us in Manchester. We love both the brand and the product. So much so that we all use it and have built quite a collection. They produce lots of limited edition product and merch which builds a real hype among the Sneak loving community. For the purpose of this though, there were a lot of desirable flavours, tubs and shakers that we needed to really take our collection to Epic levels. Supported by both Sneak and the amazing community, Jonathan went on the hunt. With some time and persistence, he landed some really rare and sought after items. Big thanks to everyone who’s helped us out with this.

Sneak Energy comes in the form of a powder, so you just add a scoop to water when you need it. So you’re ensuring hydration as well as an energy hit. If you’re interested in knowing more about Sneak check out our link. Here you can see an overview of their range as created by our very own in-house expert! If you decide to give it a try, please use creator code Shadowfoam so they know where you heard about them.

Planning wall storage for your own collections

Whatever you collect, if you are looking for the ultimate way to showcase them, look no further. A foam storage wall is the ultimate collect and display tool. It’s space saving and prevents a lot of the dust collecting you can get with shelves and cabinets too. Importantly, it also lets you access and move things around with ease.

We’ve created tool walls in the past to store power tools. We have also used our foam to display collections in the past. We are going to take lessons from all these past projects to help us plan the layout for this one.

Be prepared though, however you plan it, allow for this being tweaked and evolved as you go along. If you’re anything like us once you start laying out and seeing it in-situ, you will want to change things. Also, as is usual for us we wanted to customise this display wall to be our own. So our branding will be incorporated into the layout too.

Making the display wall

We have quite a large space to fill so are working with a sheet that’s 1.53m x 1m in size. With our custom foam tool though, remember that you can get you foam in whatever size you need, in up to 2m x 1m sheets.

The items we are storing aren’t super deep, or very heavy. So for us the 50mm foam will be perfect for the top of the wall. Then, we used a 30mm sheet behind that to give us that cool contrast when the items are taken out. If you have smaller items you may not need such a deep wall. Equally, do remember if you have bigger or heavier items we do make foam up to 70mm if you need it too.

Additionally for this project, because the tubs and shakers are all the same shapes, and are round, it made sense for us to create a template to cut around rather than just cut around the items themselves as we usually do. If you have items that are different shapes and sizes though, just use the method that we typically always do and cut around the items themselves to ensure a nice snug fit.

The logo was then added after all the display items were cut in. You might want to consider things like adding in your own logo, name, brand names and so on. You absolutely can do this personalisation by hand cutting as we do. With a little time and planning, you can achieve great results as we think we did with this one. Just make sure you have access to the right cutting tools as we did, and it will be a cinch.

Then it’s time to mount it!

Mounting your collect and display wall

For this we replicated the method we used when making our Makita Power Tool Wall. Granted, this doesn’t have the same weight to it as the items stored in that. But as they will be positioned adjacent to each other in our studio, it makes sense we keep them looking the same. For details on how the wall was mounted, check out our previous build where we go into a little more detail about how it’s done.

If you want to collect and display something precious to you – a foam storage wall like this could be the perfect way to do it.

The finished Sneak Energy storage wall

We couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. Our rare and not-so rare flavours and shakers are all now shown off to stunning effect. And it’s cleared a lot of space up for us! Plus, now we all know where to head when we need our sugar-free energy hit!

If you are thinking about creating your own foam storage wall display for a collection, then check out some of the other projects we and our Shadow Foam community have created over the years here.



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