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Shadow Foam Uses - Photography kit - Shadow Foam

Shadow Foam Uses - Photography kit

Our shadow foam is not only used as a tool organiser!

Photography is an expensive business, whether you’re a commercial photographer or an enthusiast. We all know how much it’s possible to spend on kit, and how delicate that equipment can be. So it’s super important to protect your equipment both at home, work or when you’re on the move. Therefore your choice of camera storage or camera case is of optimum importance. We have a range of ideas which will help you. So whether you’re a traditional photographer or videographer we can offer a solution for your camera case. Even for GoPro users, drone camera users, social media influencers, vloggers and drone photographers. The unique flexibility of our customisable Shadow Foam means your precious gear can be protected and organised.

One of the greatest features of Shadow Foam is it’s ability to be custom cut to fit into virtually any container. Take a look at the backpack image below and you can see it’s far from square, but the user has created As anyone with camera. drone camera, GoPro or video kit knows, storage on the go and portable protection is so important. That’s where the customisable nature of Shadow Foam really comes into it’s own.

Stunning back pack camera case made by a Shadow Foam customer
Customer Eugenio Stomaci fit Shadow Foam into his backpack camera case for optimum portability

Even for longer-haul trips, combining sturdy flight cases and Shadow Foam will offer you the maximum in portable protection. So not only are your cameras and lenses perfectly organised, but you’re safe in the knowledge they’ll hold up to the rigors of even the roughest of handling.

The ultimate in camera storage can be achieved simply, at home.

Things to think about when creating your perfect camera case.

We’ve used our expertise and that of our in-house photographers and videographers to come up with the most important considerations to think about when creating the perfect camera storage.

  • Case. – What will you be storing your kit in…? A traditional case or flight case? A zip-around soft-shell case or a bag? All have their benefits and whatever size and shape, you can customise the foam to fit snugly into it with the minimum of effort. The foam itself, while robust, is really light. So it won’t add any undue weight to your case.
A great example of a drone storage case
the perfect compact gopro storage case from Shadow Foam customer Tricky
The perfect storage solution for your GoPro or drone camera storage
  • Size of kit. – Consider how deep your equipment is, combined with your choice of storage case. This will dictate the depth of foam you need. If it’s heavier and deeper kit, maybe our 70mm or 50mm foam would be most suitable. You may not need that if it’s something smaller like maybe a GoPro, or for smaller or lighter kit. Or if you maybe want to layer up different levels of kit, then perhaps something smaller like the 30mm inserts would work?
A customer uses layers of foam to maximise use of space in his custom camera case
Here, Scott F Watson perfectly demonstrates how space-saving layers of equipment can really optimise space in your camera storage case
  • Planning. – Think about your most used items, then make sure they’re positioned for ease of access. Are your items accessible and easy to reach? For example if layering put your frequently used items on top, and less used items beneath. Check out our video on ways to organise your camera gear if you need inspiration.
  • Fit. – Cutting items snugly into the foam will eliminate any chance of them moving. Preventing anything from working itself loose, or getting damaged while you’re on the move. A snug fit helps prevent that by holding the items tightly in place, until you want to remove them.
  • Colour. – if you’re a business you might want to go corporate with your choice of foam colour, or you may just have colours you prefer. Perhaps you want to keep colours in line with your camera branding? Use of colour offers so much more than just aesthetic benefits though. You’ll be able to more easily identify if a valuable bit of kit is missing from the case quickly.
The use of colour in your camera case not only looks good but helps you quickly identify if something is missing
  • Future-proofing. – perhaps your equipment collection is growing? Maybe you could think about leaving space for future additions of kit as your equipment list grows? Of course its easy to just replace the foam in future if your equipment changes or evolves. However, Shadow Foam is made to last. So accounting for that potential future growth ahead of time is more sustainable and can save you unnecessary expense when the time comes.
  • Budget. – usually the most cost-effective way of achieving storage perfection is using our standard sheets or value packs of foam. But this may give you more than you need for the project, and you may prefer for us to cut it to the size of your case for you in which case you can use our custom foam service.

Eliminate the risk of losses or damage by using custom foam inserts to store your gear. Why not try a sample to see how it can work for you? And if you need more help or support in finding the right solution for you, just get in touch.

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