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Shadow Foam - the perfect tool organiser

Shadow Foam - the perfect tool organiser

Shadow Foam is a one-of-a-kind product. It is 100% polyethylene and designed with a unique structure that allows it to cut cleanly, and peel easily. This allows anyone to create professional-looking foam tool organiser inserts for their toolboxes, flight cases, systainers, and much more… 

Shadow Foam combines the ease of use of a pick ‘n’ pluck foam, with the strength and quality of an expensive custom CNC foam liner. Keeping your gear protected and organised at an affordable cost has never been easier!

Who hasn't ever become stressed spending time searching for a tool which you can't find? Perhaps you've felt the pain of replacing a broken piece of equipment?  Then Shadow Foam is for you.

Features of Shadow Foam tool organiser solutions

  • Water and common chemical resistant
  • Easy to clean, simply wipe off any mess
  • UV resistance keeps the colours vivid
  • 100% Recyclable PE Foam (where available)
  • HCFC free and odourless

Shadow Foam is available in 7 colours, 3 depths and an almost infinite range of sizes to suit all needs.

Never lose a tool again

Shadow Foam's customisability allows you to create a dedicated and exact location for each and every tool. Whether a thin spanner, or a deep power tool, you can organise anything. With a quick glance, it is obvious when something is missing.

Save time, eliminate frustration

Organised toolbox, organised mind. There is nothing more frustrating than wasting time searching for a lost tool. Organising all of your existing tools in a unique Shadow Foam liner is quick and easy, and saves the cost of rebuying lost tools.

Impress customers and colleagues

The immediate visual impact of a perfectly organised setup using Shadow Foam will impress anyone. It shows new colleagues and customers you have a professional approach. It also demonstrates that you are efficient, and thoroughly prepared.  All this gives them confidence in your ability.

Exceed tool control regulations

Using an inventory to account for your equipment list will meet regulations. But this wastes time every day. Not with a custom Shadow Foam tool organiser though! With this, you can immediately see if tools or equipment are misplaced. This negates the need for a manual toolbox inventory.

Protect valuable equipment

When you have thousands of pounds worth of tools and equipment, protecting them is a priority. Shadow Foam is the perfect way of ensuring they are accounted for and protected. It also has high impact resistance, making it suitable for heavy use and transporting items.

Other tool organisation options

Getting organised is key to anyone's wellbeing.  There are so many places and ways in which you can use Shadow Foam for your tool organisation goals, here are just a few:


Neatly laying out all of your tools in a tool chest or roll cab drawer is satisfying. That is until you open or close the drawer with any force and the tools bang around everywhere. Shadow Foam is a simple, yet effective way of ensuring all of your tools are organised.  Plus it ensures they're protected and back in the toolbox at the end of each day. 

Flight cases

Whether organising your tools, electronics, or camera equipment, flight cases are a great means of storage. Pick ‘n’ pluck foam or dividers that usually come with most flight cases are not sufficient to protect or organise the contents. Shadow Foam allows you to create a bespoke insert that will last. It can also be layered to efficiently use the full height of any case.

Tool walls

Visual tool management is where Shadow Foam started. The ability to instantly see if any tools are missing is one of the biggest advantages of Shadow Foam. Moving that system onto a wall makes finding a tool, and spotting a missing one, even quicker. They also look amazing, and saves space! 

Van storage

Shadow Foam is used extensively for organising modular toolbox systems.  You can commonly see these integrated into van racking. These inserts both protect the tools in transit and also help organise the wide array of tools. Van vaults and van drawers can also benefit.

Modular toolbox systems

We manufacture Shadow Foam Inserts for all of the leading modular toolbox systems on the market. These include DeWalt TSTAK, Makita MakPac, Milwaukee Packout, Bosch L-Boxx and Festool Systainers plus many, many more.

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