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Shadow Foam Original is being discontinued - Shadow Foam

Shadow Foam Original is being discontinued

Since 2012, we at Shadow Foam have been helping to organise toolboxes all around the world with Shadow Foam inserts. Then, in 2019 we released a new grade of foam and people seemed to love it. This easier, cut and peel grade of foam makes getting organised more simple than ever before. It’s been really popular since it’s launch. You may know this Shadow Foam alternative grade for toolboxes as Easy Peel, however, we will be rebranding this simply to: Shadow Foam.

In the 9 years that Shadow Foam Original has been part of our product line, we have seen amazing uses and creations from our customers, as well as creating our own projects on our YouTube channel. As of Q3 2021 though, Shadow Foam Original has been discontinued. There are many reasons as to why reached this decision, but the main points are:


1. Sustainability of Shadow Foam

Unfortunately, Shadow Foam Original is not recyclable. It’s an inevitable part of the foam customisation process that offcuts and mistakes occur, ending up in the bin. Clearly we don’t want offcuts of our product ending up in landfill. We feel it is our responsibility to ensure that the products we offer can have a longer lifecycle. So we sourced this great Shadow Foam alternative product. Shadow Foam (formerly Easy Peel), is a polyethylene foam. Polyethylene is widely recycled. This means it can be conventionally deposited in household recycling bins. Better yet, in our own production processes, any excess material can now be repurposed into other uses too It’s a win / win for both our users and for our planet!

2. Ease of Use

Shadow Foam Original is a more complicated product. There is no hiding that. As a non-layered foam, Original is considerably more difficult to get a better finish on. In the time it takes to complete one Original liner, you could have already nearly finished cutting your second Shadow Foam liner. As we begin to offer inserts for more toolboxes, we believe that having a simple to use product is more beneficial to our customers, hence adopting this Original Shadow Foam alternative.

3. Colour Options

We have found that our customers, overall, prefer the colour options that Shadow Foam (Easy Peel) has to offer. Original Shadow Foam inserts for tool boxes were only available in a surface colour, and from the feedback we have received, the vast majority of our customer base want to use a foam that has the colour underneath. However, that does not mean that you cannot get a surface colour, Shadow Foam is reversible, and therefore you can flip over your sheet for a surface colour.

Please note:

Shadow Foam Original is now discontinued. This means it’s no longer available to buy from us. You may already be familiar with this Shadow Foam alternative grade of foam for toolboxes as Easy Peel, however, this is rebranding simply to: Shadow Foam. If you aren’t already familiar with it, please order a sample of our new grade of foam so you can see how it will work for you. Thank you

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