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PS4 Console and Fifa 19 Game

Playstation 4 Travel Case

Shadow Foam Creations Episode 28

The dream is to be able to game on the go. That’s why portable consoles like the PSP and Nintendo DS were created. But what about when you want to make your PlayStation portable? We made a custom foam insert and a travel PS4 case. Inside the case is the console, two controllers and a FullHD 120hz gaming monitor.

In our video we used our very popular Shadow Foam Original, however now we have a new fantastic product that is super easy to use and also cut to make the perfect placement; this new product is called Shadow Foam Easy Peel.

All of the electronics are wired to one plug, so all you have to do is plugin and play. Making this case was a bit of a challenge, but Shadow Foam is really easy to cut and adapt. Learn how to cut Shadow Foam here.

The hardest part about this build was finding the correct place for everything. The console would obviously go on the top, along with the controllers. But then all of the plugs and cables would have to be managed correctly to make the case look good.

We hid the screen cables with shrink wrap and hid them behind the foam. The mains cables are under the foam at the bottom layer and will never be seen as this layer is not meant to be taken out.

The screen is held to the case with elastic and Velcro. It is very sturdy, but also means that it can be removed is necessary. If we had mounted the screen with screws, or in another permanent way, it meant that if cables came loose or if the screen needed repairs it would be much more difficult to take it out.

Overall we think the case works amazingly. It’s compact enough to take anywhere and looks really slick. One problem we foresee is overheating issues, however, this case was designed for short and sporadic gaming sessions and not intended to be used for intense sessions or long periods of time.

*Disclaimer* This video and blog are not a “How-to”. Shadow Foam takes no responsibility if any individual tries to replicate this build and causes any damage to anyone or anything.

Check out the video to see how we made it and get a closer look at it.

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