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Massive eco living workshop for Fun for Louis - Shadow Foam

Massive eco living workshop for Fun for Louis

When we heard heard about eco warrior Louis Cole’s dream of converting a vintage VW Beetle to an EV, we knew it was something we could make a massive difference with. After all Shadow Foam is a product that allows people to get super organised in their home or work-spaces. So when Brighton based Louis, AKA Fun for Louis, needed to get his workshop in order ahead of a big new big home-based electric vehicle conversion project, we were his first port of call.

About Fun for Louis

Cole’s life, and his “Fun for Louis” Youtube channel, are increasingly focused on looking for better ways to do things. Especially when it comes to eco living. Many millions of viewers have watched his travels in his home-converted 1972 VW campervan. That’s now being temporarily retired as his family puts roots down in Brighton. Now the plan is to put a new spin on his original VW project. This time taking all the lessons he learned from that and applying it to his new vintage VW project to make an even better electric vehicle conversion.

His next project is a 1972 VW beetle; a car he’d had his heart set on since childhood. So when he found one just 20 minutes from where he lived, he knew it was meant to be. So now he had the car, but really needed a space in which to work on it. Cole admits:
“I’ve been a little bit overwhelmed with the project” said Louis. Which, with a small baby at home and minimal space in which to work on it, is something many of us can understand. His mission ahead of getting started on the conversion was “transforming my dream workshop into the perfect little compact workshop”, and that’s when he reached out to Shadow Foam.

The workshop transformation

Not one for backing down from a challenge, the type of space Cole was looking for is something the Shadow Foam’s team were more than able to help with. Of course, our product allows people all over the world do the same thing each and every day. With our own active Youtube channel the team showcase innovative and fun transformations all the time, but Cole was particularly inspired after seeing us create an impressive workshop solution for Youtuber, inventor and entrepreneur Colin Furze at the back end of 2022.

Partners in the project

In this project, with very little to work with initially Shadow Foam really needed to work some magic. So we partnered with tool giants Sealey to come up with something incredible. The team then took over the Fun for Louis garage space. Then, in real “Changing Rooms” style managed to totally transform it in just 48 hours. Gone were old shelves and homeless, unorganised Makita power tools. In came a range of professional Sealey tool cabinets which Jonathan Shone, Shadow Foam MD, could then set about transforming. Jonathan said,

We always rise to a challenge, and eco projects in particular are always appealing for us. I drive an EV myself, so seeing someone so passionate who wants to do their own home EV conversion is really refreshing. Louis is always looking for better ways to do things, and in many ways that’s what our product does too. So we were really happy to help.”

What tools did we organise

Of course, for an ambitious and specialised project like this, Louis was always going to need more tools. So a new range of insulated mechanics tools was part of the transformation too. The new Sealey / Shadow Foam storage brought together the old and new tools. With planning, it meant we could store them in a compact, protected and incredibly organised way. Meaning Louis was perfectly kitted out ahead of the new conversion project.

This adds another ecologically sound element to his workshop. That’s because the tool control foam prevents items from becoming lost or damaged and needing to be replaced. So from a longevity perspective, the tools would also have a much longer lifespan than they otherwise might. Especially in scenarios of heavy use over many years as we all want to keep things longer. So this also plays to Louis’s aim to find better ways of living and doing things.

And the result…?

…as it turns out, Fun for Louis was thrilled with the results,

“ I couldn’t have done this without you (Shadow Foam) guys; this is really exciting me. It’s motivated me to finish the rest of the garage. I’m launching into this project with the best workshop space.”

Leading the transformation team, our very own Jonathan also added,

“Having the right tools for any job is important. So in this case we were buzzing that Sealey came on board to help us get Louis kitted out. The videos he makes inspire others to look for better, cleaner ways of living and working. So there’s a perfect synergy with what we do. Our product is meant to prevent tools ending up in landfill through loss or damage. The product itself is partially made from recycled product. Any waste we have also goes to be recycled into other products. So if we can help with his mission and inspire others in the process that’s a job well done as far as we’re concerned.”

You can see how the workshop transformation played out right here. And do subscribe to Louis’ channel as there will be more videos of the VW bug conversion being released soon.

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