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Making the ultimate portable hotel mini bar - Shadow Foam

Making the ultimate portable hotel mini bar

It was on a trip away to visit customers and affiliates that Jonathan had the urge for a late night tipple. But he found the hotel mini bar sadly lacking. Not sure what else we expected from a Premier Inn in Salisbury, but disappointing none-the-less! So, he hit upon the idea of making his own portable bar. A take-anywhere mini bar and here’s how he went about it.

An empty hotel mini bar was the inspiration behind our portable bar idea

So first things first, we needed some alcohol! So out shopping we headed and came back with this haul of goodies….

now we have the alcohol miniatures, a case, some Shadow Foam and a cutting kit… what more do you need!?

Jonathan’s favourite Jack Daniels was obviously going to have to be factored into this somehow. But also, along with all the usual suspects, we included a range of schnapps that came from Germany. See, we really do like to travel prepared! Included amongst which was the terrifyingly named Rattenkiller a 50% avb number. Plus, a hip flask, and in the absence of any sort of mixers, some shot glasses. Hopefully then, everything you need from a portable bar.

As you might expect we always travel with storage cases, sheets of Shadow Foam and cutting kits! Actually the case was something we were temporarily re-purposing for something we were planning do make for Brothers Make. So with our bottles, we now had all we needed to get to work on our mobile bar.

Starting work on the portable bar.

We always want to work safely when cutting our foam. So the safety gloves that are included in our cutting kits were an important starting place. For this too, our cutting straight edge came in really handy too.

As you know we have tried and tested, best-use methods for both cutting and peeling our foam. We always share the best techniques for the optimum results. So even at the late hour that Jonathan was working on this, he took time to plan the layout before carefully cutting the bottle profiles into the foam. Next, peeling back the layers until the cut-out was deep enough to house each bottle. Once each item was cut into the foam, the inserts could be positioned into the top and the bottom of our case.

With small, intricate items like this it can look particularly effective and showcase the contents beautifully.

So, what do you think…? Is this the ultimate in portable hotel mini-bars? On reflection, it might not be the best idea to take a haul like this on work trips! But this really could be a great, unique gift idea for someone.

But the overall aim here was to demonstrate just how quick and easy it can be to get stuff organised with Shadow Foam. Even in a hotel room in the wee small hours! And for those who are interested… Yes, all the bottles did make it back to Shadow Foam central in-tact and un-touched. Perhaps it was too late for that late night tipple after all!



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