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Mr Beast chocolate bars never looked so good

Making a chocolate case for Mr Beast

If you don’t know about Mr Beast yet, then you likely soon will. He’s a US based Youtuber, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He’s well known for giving away big ticket gifts like cases of cash to random people. It’s things like this that came earn him the title of “YouTube’s biggest philanthropist”.

But now he’s branched into the wonderful world of chocolate with the introduction of his Feastables range of bars. So we were inspired by this to make Mr Beast attaché case containing some of his sugary delights. While in the process giving some of our Feastables haul to some lucky competition winners.

The project for Mr Beast

For this project, we took his giveaway attaché case concept and adapted it. In our typical Shadow Foam style we used our foam to create a custom lining for both the lid and the base of this case. Somewhat differently this time though, we created a diagonal aperture within the 50mm foam to house the Feastables bars in an eye-pleasing way. It wasn’t as straightforward as when you usually cut flat shapes out from the foam. But here Jonathan demonstrates the techniques for managing trickier shapes like these using just one of our regular cutting kits.

Check out the project and hopefully you might be inspired to make something similar for someone yourself. It doesn’t need to be chocolate, or even tools. We see people organising collectables, camera equipment, gaming systems and all sorts every day… go on, give it a go!


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