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is this the ultimate Makita tool box?

Is this the ultimate Makita tool box?

You already know we are Makita fans. And because we have a lot of Makita tools, we have inevitably amassed a whole heap of Makpacs. As much as we love the tools themselves, the Makpacs aren’t often the best solution as an efficient portable tool-carrying solution, especially when you need to transport a lot of kit. So, inspired by the Nuprol airsoft cases we stock inserts for, we are going to create what we think is the ultimate Makita tool box… but what do you think?

The Makpac versus our Makita tool box

The Makpac cases are still very popular. They are inexpensive and serve a lot of people very well. Indeed we have lots of them ourselves, and the Makpac foam inserts we sell are one of our most popular lines. But if you have a lot of kit over many boxes, even in the stackable set and trolley variation, they aren’t always the friendliest to transport.

Our case of choice for this project is virtually bullet proof, excuse the pun. That’s because we are re-purposing a Nuprol airsoft rifle case. We also stock Nuprol ready made foam inserts for both the bases and the lids of these cases, which made the project a relative breeze. But with a lot of tools and accessories that we wanted to store in there, this still took a bit of planning.

Check out how the project went, and see which lucky winner walked away with the case, which we offered up as a prize at Makers Central 2023 as part of our big Shadow Foam Scalextric grand prix.


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