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How to organize your ModBox storage

How to organize your Klein MODbox Storage

We do know a thing or two about organizing and protecting tools. So when it comes to knowing how to organize the Klein MODbox Storage system, we've plenty of ideas and advice. We'll quickly and easily set you on track to achieve your dream tool storage goals. 

About the Klein MODbox

It's a modular tool storage system designed and manufactured by Klein Tools, an American company well-known for its high-quality hand tools and equipment for professional tradespeople. The MODbox is designed to provide versatility and optimum organization for professionals and amateurs alike who want a reliable and efficient storage solution for their tools. And it's orange, very orange. But herein lies a good benefit as it's not going to get easily lost on site!

How to organize your MODbox storage

The system, as with most modular solutions, is already carefully crafted to help you be more organised. They offer features which organically enhance organisation, efficiency, and durability. Modular systems let you pick the size and type of storage to suit your own unique needs.

Therefore the first step in getting the Klein Tools MODbox organised is by building the ideal configuration to suit you. They've a myriad of choices from deep and shallow cases, organisers, totes and drawers. So explore the range to assess what best suits your own requirements for the tools, and the jobs at hand.

Plan your layout

Let's assume you've already visited the "builderverse" and created your MODbox storage system, then what next? Planning what tools you need most often or most quickly is really important. Always prioritize giving the most accessible spots to your most frequently used tools. 

Additionally, you might want to consider making space for batteries and charging equipment if you work with power tools. No one ever wants to be caught out without power on the job. An essential but often overlooked element.

That's the basics, but if you want to really up your toolbox organization game then read on....

Using Shadow Foam to organise your MODbox

Tool control measures aren't new. It's a method that's been used for decades in engineering and other industries to manage tool inventory and prevent losses.  Since it's inception, Shadow Foam was designed to make these measures cost-effective and accessible to literally anyone. So Shadow Foam is the logical choice to really elevate your tool organization.

We've a full range of custom-fit inserts for the Klein Tools MODbox range coming in Spring 2024. Using that, you'll be able to easily make your modular storage the envy of all your friends and colleagues. Protecting your gear for a lifetime to come.

Choosing the right inserts.

Your foam inserts will be available in a choice of depths (30mm or 50mm) and a wide range of colours. You can easily use the 30mm deep inserts to store smaller items and hand tools. Essentially, anything that isn't deep or take up much space in your containers. Then the 50mm inserts are great when you have larger items or power tools. You can even layer-up inserts to achieve greater depth if you need it for particularly large tools or even batteries and chargers, the possibilities are endless.

Let's get organized!

We've heaps of resources and guides to get you going with planning the layout of your storage. That said, as it's totally bespoke to you, only you know what's going to give you maxium efficiency and satisfaction. Play about with layouts and take time planning until you're really happy with it.

Once you have planned how you want your inserts to look, we really recommend you watch some of our "How to" guides to get to know the product and the best ways of working with it for optimum results.

And if you'd like to check out how we organized our own MODbox system, please keep an eye out for that video coming very soon!

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